Event Planning Tips

Whether your new to planning an event or you’ve planned events for several different organizations, all events have many components that go into their implementation. Here are some helpful tips for when you plan your next program:

Plan ahead

It is always good to plan as far ahead as you can for an event. This allows you to complete tasks on time, make necesaary adjustments if things fall through, and give ample time to promotion of your event.

Delegate Tasks

There are several components to a program and utilizing your team/board members of your organization will help you to complete all tasks; especially when trying to manage these responsibilities on top of being a student at Yale! Here are a list of some tasks that go into programming:


  • Here’s a task that typically a Treasurer of your organization would complete. After discussing with your team or figuring out what your program is, you’ll want to come up with an idea for a budget. Once figured out, you’ll want to submit forms for funding including but not limited to: UOFC, AACC, Traphagen, IAC, etc. Be sure to read the details of all funding applications prior to applying to ensure your program meets the guidelines for those funding sources.


  • There are so many ways to publicize your program! It is always good to mix up the types of marketing strategies/promotional materials you use. In addition, think about the timing of your publicity so that people can have enough time to plan to attend your event and to avoid people from having a conflict for another event.
    • One strategy that tends to work is having a wave of marketing. So for instance, if your event is a month away then you’ll want to send the first wave of marketing in the form of a Facebook event at least 3 weeks prior to the event (as an example)
    • The next wave of marketing should be something different from your first wave and can be flyers of your event distributed throughout campus at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
    • And finally, you could have the last wave of marketing be a newsletter submission to your organization members or through the AACC newsletter the week of your event. Just be sure to submit an AACC Newsletter Request form (https://cglink.me/2dA/s54543) Wednesdays by 11:59pm to be included for the following week’s newsletter.


  • It is very important to complete all necessary reservations that are associated to you event, and as soon as possible. Lots of things that require reservations are typically on a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you submit forms the more likely you can confirm a room, get equipment, etc.
  • Here are some of our forms with various deadlines
    • Funding Requests Less Than $300 - 2 week deadline
    • Funding Requests $300 or More - 4 week deadline
    • Event Supply Request Form - 1 week deadline
    • Equipment Reservation Form - 10 day deadline
  • Here are are current rooms we have available along with room capacities following University health and safety guidelines:
    • Multipurpose Room (20 people)
    • Yung Wing Living Room (20 people)
    • Game Room (15 people)
    • Conference Room (15 people)
    • Exhibition Room (15 people)
    • Dining Room (4 people)
    • Kitchen (10 people)


  • If anything is more important with planning ahead, it’d be collaborating with other organizations or departments on campus. Although you may find a group that can plan very last minute, it is generally easier to complete tasks with more time allotted. This is especially important if you are for instance planning to have a guest speaker or panelists as they may need time to plan for the event, travel, or have availability in their schedules.