Center Staff

The AACC Center Staff is comprised of several teams focusing on different areas and work collaboratively with one another, our AACC Peer Liaisons, Yale staff and faculty, the greater New Haven community, and alumni.

Co-Head Coordinators

Diza Hendrawan (Benjamin Franklin ‘25)

Diza Hendrawan

Pronouns: she/they

Major: Film and Media Studies

Why AACC? I started out as an FYC during my first year, so there hasn’t ever been a time at Yale where I haven’t been a part of the AACC. I’m really excited to return as a Co-Head of Center Staff, and I hope this year we continue to make the AACC a welcoming, inclusive space — especially to our friends affiliated with other cultural centers and affinity spaces!

Who is your favorite Yale class? Southeast Asia Cinema or TV Writing: The Pilot

What are your hobbies? carefully curating Spotify playlists and letterboxd reviews

Diza is a junior in the Film and Media Studies program at Yale on the production track, and a board member of the Southeast Asian Movement at Yale. They have been lucky enough to produce two Southeast Asian-directed thesis films at Yale (one related to a heist and one related to the fantasies and fears of inevitable homecoming), and hope to continue creating & producing works of Southeast Asian diasporic media! You can typically find Diza long-gone on an aimless tangent about ghosts and ghostly memory, or posting “makanbang” pics to their joint food Instagram with their Co-Head PL/food-related bestie! 


Sunehra Subah (Berkeley ‘24)

Sunehra Subah

Pronouns: she/hers

Major: History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health

Why AACC? The friends I have made at the AACC have been so caring and tender towards me. I am deeply grateful for the community here – deeply grateful for all the kitchen table talks and foodie love languages. Such a huge thank you to everyone who makes the center feel like home <3 

What is your favorite food? Really anything my mom and dad make me - if I had to pick a fav, kacchi biryani!

What’s your favorite campus study spot? Tie between the AACC’s kitchen and back porch! 

I am the proud daughter of Bangladeshi immigrants. I was born and raised in Ozone Park (big love to the A/C trains!), and a part of my heart will always be in NY. I love to listen to people retell stories (esp movie and tv show plot spoilers), because I think its super funny to watch all the dramatic detail be retold in the matter of five minutes. I can usually be found romanticizing my life while walking around the local supermarket. 

Alumni Engagement

Jenny Lee (Saybrook ‘25)

Jenny Lee

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Major: Economics + Ethnicity, Race, and Migration (ER&M)

Why AACC? The AACC and its resources have created a home for me to build new relationships and find shared experiences. I’m so humbled and excited to continue sustaining our space on campus within such a brilliant community of friends and staff.

What is your favorite food? Budae jjigae (“army stew” — the dish has such a resonant history!) + Korean street foods

Who is your favorite New Haven restaurant? Mecha Noodle Bar

Jenny Lee (she/her) is a junior in Saybrook College studying Economics and Ethnicity, Race, & Migration. She is a proud 1.5-generation Korean American immigrant who grew up in Seattle, WA, where the crux of her identity development began and took root. On campus, she spends her time co-moderating AASA (Asian American Students Alliance) and working as a CCE (Communication and Consent Educator). You can always find her hunched over in long laughing fits, perusing new books on her Goodreads feed, dancing wherever there’s music, binge-watching K-pop videos, or convincing her friends to accompany her late-night pizza runs. 

Kenny Li (Pauli Murray ‘25)

Kenny Li

Pronouns: he/him/his

Major: Computer Science, Math

Why AACC? The AACC has always been an incredibly warm and welcoming home away from home. I’ve met some of my closest friends here, and I love to be able to meet new people and continue to help build community and family here at Yale :)

What is your favorite food? Spicy Beef Noodle Soup (麻辣牛肉面), Dough Drop Soup (疙瘩汤)

What are your hobbies? Tennis, creative writing, making song-mashups, stargazing

Kenny is a Junior in Pauli Murray College originally from Cleveland, OH studying Computer Science and Math. Outside of the classroom, he is involved with the Chinese American Student Association, Negative Space, and works as a web content intern with SineTheta magazine. You can probably find him playing tennis, writing, making goofy song mashups on audacity, stargazing, or asleep. 

Communications & Design

Arden Yum (Benjamin Franklin ‘25)

Arden Yum

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Cognitive Science

Why AACC? I’m excited to meet new people + help asian americans (who are new to Yale or new to the AACC) feel welcome and supported by the center

What are your favorite movies/TV shows? succession, black mirror, parasite, gossip girl

What are your hobbies? cooking, photography, fashion, running

Hi, I’m Arden and I’m a junior in Benjamin Franklin studying Cognitive Science (though my initial declarations were Latin and English). Outside of academics, I’m involved in student entrepreneurship at Tsai CITY, fashion/arts at FUSE magazine, and I’m a TA for CS50, Yale’s most popular introductory coding class. I’m from New York City, so I am a big fan of bagels, speed-walking, and spending my free time in Central Park. My non-NYC-derived qualities include a love for cooking, photography, taking photos of the food I cook, and running (I want to finish a marathon by the time I graduate from Yale). I feel like I am growing into and realizing how deeply I treasure my Korean-American identity as I get older, and I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the AACC staff this year! 


Jennifer Truong (Silliman ‘26)

Jennifer Truong

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Computer Science and Economics

Why AACC? Being at the AACC has been such a great way to involve myself with and foster Yale’s Asian community. I’ve spent so many days at the AACC’s kitchen table grinding psets and eating comfort foods, all the while meeting new friends. Taking naps on the comfy Game Room couch is also a bonus.

What is your favorite food? Poke drenched in spicy mayo

What are your hobbies? Nail art! I grew up with so many strong Vietnamese women who are nail techs. Being able to create cool nail art feels like both a homage to them and a creative outlet for myself.

Hi! I’m a silli-sophomore studying CS + Econ. Being from the PNW I’m a sucker for a good hike and waterfall (although I still need to learn how to swim in deep water…). I’m super excited to be bringing more faces and love to the AACC social media! 

Lilly Chai (Jonathan Edwards ‘26)

Lilly Chai

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Economics

Why AACC? The AACC has given me such a supportive, genuine community at Yale, and I can’t imagine my college experience without it. I’m excited to help create an inclusive space for exploring and celebrating Asian American culture.

What is your favorite food? Flushing street foods (pan-fried pork buns, wontons in chili oil, steamed rice rolls) 

What is your favorite campus study spot? Haas Arts Library

My name is Lilly, and I’m from Long Island, New York. I’m a sophomore in JE studying Economics. On campus, I’m involved in the Chinese American Students Association, The New Journal, and Matriculate. In my free time, I love listening to music, taking aimless walks, and drinking iced chai lattes! 

Historical, Artistic, and Cultural Resources

Ishikaa Kothari (Timothy Dwight ‘25)

Ishikaa Kothari

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Computer Science + Film & Media Studies

Why AACC? I am so grateful that the AACC has given me a supportive, meaningful community for celebration, healing, organizing, and radical conversations. I am excited to collaborate with the most thoughtful, brilliant people to help everyone find a home at the AACC too and grow this special community! 

What is your favorite food? Gol Gappay/Pani puri

What is your favorite campus study spot? HQ, Steep, and AACC 


Stella Choi (Benjamin Franklin ‘26)

Stella Choi

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Cognitive Science & East Asian Studies + Education certificate

Why AACC? The AACC to me is a vibrant community, a source of inspiration, and above all, a home (with a kitchen!). Working at the AACC gives me a special opportunity to connect with, plan, serve, share, and love on the Asian American community at Yale.

What is your favorite book? All time favorite is Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, but a recent one is When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

What are your hobbies? Finding new restaurants/ cafes, racket sports (at least, I try), taking candids in 0.5s, browsing around Trader Joes, etc.

Hi!!! I’m a sophomore in Ben Franklin with a strong interest in the human mind and everything that entails. Last year, I served as FL and Cultural Chair for KASY, worked as an RA at a developmental psychology lab, and was involved with the campus ministry UCW. This year, I hope to pour into the AACC community and plan fun, healing, and meaningful events for you all <33 

Political Action & Education

Maheen Iqbal (Grace Hopper ‘25)

Maheen Iqbal

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Political Science, Comparative Literature; Certificate in Advanced French Studies

Why AACC? Throughout my time at Yale, the AACC has served as a home away from home - the place I go to feel comforted, surrounded by friends, and an affirmation of Asian American identity and history. I am very excited to spend another year in this meaningful space!

What is your favorite Yale class? The Political Economy of Gender in South Asia

What is your favorite New Haven restaurant? Havenly

Maheen is a junior in Grace Hopper College from Toronto, Canada double-majoring in Political Science and Comparative Literature. On the Political Action and Education Team at the AACC, Maheen is passionate about post-conflict development and migration patterns in Asia. She loves reading novels written by Asian authors, solo YUAG visits, and cafe-hopping around New Haven on Sunday mornings. She’s very excited to continue as a member of the AACC family, and all the new people she’ll get to meet in the process! 


Naina Agrawal-Hardin (Benjamin Franklin ‘25)

Naina Agrawal-Hardin

Pronouns: she/hers

Major: History with Energy Studies Certificate

Why AACC? The AACC is a home away from home on campus! It’s helped me bond with other Yalies through cooking, reading, laughing, and exchange of diverse cultural traditions. 

What is your favorite book? The Secret History by Donna Tartt 

What are your favorite artists/bands? Samia, Lake Street Dive, Lauryn Hill

Naina Agrawal-Hardin is a Junior in Ben Franklin college majoring in History with a certificate in Energy Studies. 

Wellness & Mental Health

Ava Estacio-Touhey (Pierson ‘25)

Ava Estacio-Touhey

Pronouns: she/they

Major: Archaeological Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration (ER&M)

Why AACC? Working at the AACC gives me the privilege to learn more about and contribute to our community on an individual basis, as the AACC itself holds a crucial space where we can honor our diverse Asian/Asian American identities. Connecting, learning, and growing together over food, conversation, and new experiences allows us to find our own sense of self and our own way to home. 

What is your favorite movie/TV show? The Grand Budapest Hotel

What is your favorite artist/band? Brandi Carlile

Ava is a junior in Pierson College studying Archaeological Studies and Ethnicity, Race, & Migration. In their free time, you can find them singing with Pitches and Tones, running Queer and Asian, Kasama, and Asian-ish events, and eating chickie parm from gheav with Mark Chung. 


Emily Cheung (Trumbull ‘26)

Emily Cheung

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Why AACC? The AACC has been a place of comfort and familiarity for me. I see it as an environment to decompress within the chaos of the outside campus. I am looking forward to provide additional supports to incoming and current students, so more people can take advantage of this space.

What is your favorite Yale class? Vietnamese Language with Prof Quang

What is your favorite New Haven restaurant? Zul Cafe and Grill

My name is Emily Cheung. I am a rising second-year student in Trumbull College from Portland, Maine. My parents are both Chinese but born and raised in Vietnam. The Asian population in my town is relatively small, so I came to the AACC to feel more connected to an integrated community on campus! 

First-Year Coordinators

Ashyah Galbokke Hewage (Timothy Dwight ‘27)


Pronouns: she/her

Major: Neuroscience

Why AACC? The community and sense of belonging the AACC cultivates to build family at Yale is so beautiful. I look forward to the many meaningful collaborations we make with other cultural centers on campus and branching off to expand our AACC community even more.

What is your favorite food? Kokis (a crispy Sri Lankan snack)

What are your favorite artists/bands? Harry Styles, Public Library Commute, The Beatles, Tchaikovsky, Andrea Bocelli, SZA, FINNEAS, John Mayer, Adele

My name is Ashyah and I’m an incoming freshman in Timothy Dwight College from Santa Monica, CA. In my free time, I love going to the beach, visiting new national parks with my family, attempting to reverse my burnt brownie streak when baking, and secretly listening to 1D on repeat. I’m so excited to be a part of the AACC family as I start my journey at Yale and cannot wait to meet so many new people. <3 

Marissa Halagao (Branford ‘27)


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Major: Ethnicity, Race & Migration

Why AACC? As a Filipino American who feels proud of and connected to their heritage, I will forever remember the first day I visited AACC at Yale, hoping for the same sense of belonging and opportunity for coalition building that I grew accustomed to as a Hawaii-born Filipino.

What is your favorite food? Lumpia!

What are your favorite artists/bands? Zack Tabudlo, Kolohe Kai, Ariana Grande, SZA

Marissa Halagao is a Filipino/a/x American born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is the leader and founder of the Filipino Curriculum Project, a student-driven initiative of Filipino high school and college students who have worked with educators to create a curriculum about Filipino history, culture and identity, and successfully advocated for its implementation in the Hawaii Department of Education. Their course, “Filipino History Culture” will be offered in select Hawaii high schools starting in 2024. Marissa was also an advocate for her high school’s new Asian Studies class where she student taught history lessons, and served as the president of her high school’s Filipino Club for two years. She was a pioneer cohort member of the Filipino Young Global Leadership Program. She is excited to be working in the Yale AACC, where she will continue to foster and promote a passion towards inclusivity, cultural empowerment, community and social justice. 

Ryan Kim (Pierson ‘27)


Pronouns: he/him

Major: Computer Science

Why AACC? Being a part of the AACC, I’m so excited about contributing to Yale’s vibrant and inclusive Asian community, meeting new people from diverse backgrounds, and creating enriching experiences that celebrate Asian culture and heritage.

What is your favorite food? Korean BBQ & Salmon Poke 

What are your favorite artists/bands? I listen to a lot of K-Pop, some favorite groups include: BTS, NewJeans, IVE, LE SSERAFIM and Big Bang

Hi everyone! My name is Ryan Kim, I’m an incoming freshman in Pierson College. I’m so thrilled to be working with the AACC this year! I was born in Boston, but I’ve spent the vast majority of my life in Seoul, South Korea. I’m tentatively thinking of majoring in CS, but I also have a wide range of interests spanning other fields too.
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing valuable memories on Campus! 

Arts Liaison

Thomas Kannam (Grace Hopper ‘26) 


Pronouns: they/them

Major: Theater, Dance, & Performance Studies  (TDAPS) and Ethnicity, Race, & Migration (ER&M)

Why AACC? The AACC is a hub that symbolizes, and celebrates, the wide breadth of Asian experiences present on campus. Coincidentally.. it is also full of the most talented and interesting people on campus. I am so honored to work in such a comforting environment, and excited to expand its artistic outreach. 

What are your hobbies? Trying (disastrously) to use a sewing machine  

What is your favorite New Haven restaurant? Mamoun’s

Thomas (they/them) is a sophomore in Hopper double majoring in  Theater, Dance, & Performance Studies and Ethnicity, Race, & Migration. While being deeply involved in theatrical spaces on campus, as a Connecticut native they are also very thankful for the Greater New Haven arts scene which raised them. Outside of academic and creative endeavors they love to spend their time watching 2000s romcoms, working as a Hopper College Aide, and drinking oat milk!