Asian Retreat

The annual AACC Fall Asian Retreat is a weekend-long, off-campus community retreat that provides Yale undergraduate, graduate and professional students, who trace their heritage to Asia and the diaspora, with an opportunity to unplug and be in community. As part of the retreat, attendees will get to:

  • Explore shared histories of the Asian diaspora within the U.S. context
  • Further develop understanding of our racial identity and positionality within the current national and global context
  • Foster meaningful affinity community amongst other students at Yale
  • Build collective knowledge to achieve sustainable social change at Yale and beyond

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2021 4th Annual Asian Retreat - Schedule Outline (all times listed in Eastern Standard Time)

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2020 3rd Annual [Virtual] Asian Retreat


 2019 2nd Annual Asian Retreat at YMCA Camp Woodstock


2018 1st Annual Asian Retreat at YMCA Camp Woodstock