Externship Descriptions

Greater New Haven Area

Apicella + Bunton Architects, LLC

Location: New Haven, CT

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 or 2 (March 13th - 17th and 20th - 24th)

Alum: Mai Wu Trumbull ‘91, YSoArchitecture ‘96 

Field: Architecture

Available Spots: 1 Extern

Sponsor Provided Description: Apicella + Bunton Architects LLC is an architectural design firm specializing in planning and design services for residential, corporate, cultural, and academic clients. Student will shadow architects and designers.  Experience will include attendance of meetings, site visits, possible assistance with resources library, among other tasks. Possible software use includes Revit, Adobe “Creative” and Microsoft Office. Our firm is small, and is a studio setting which provides exposure to many elements of the profession through practice and observation. We try to expose our externs to as much as possible during their stay, so they get a good preview of the profession. Firm profile:  https://www.apicellabunton.com/profile/

Recommended skills: Any of the software noted in the description.

Yale University Office of Development

Location: New Haven, CT and virtual (Hybrid)

Duration: Spring Break Weeks 1 and 2 (March 13th - 17th and 20th - 24th)

Alum: Gena Lai, Morse ‘95

Field: Fundraising

Available Spots: 1 Extern

Sponsor Provided Description: The Yale University Office of Development (ODV) secures gifts to support programs across Yale University, including for financial aid, research, capital projects (such as the building of or renovations in residential colleges), faculty positions, international study, student support, etc. ODV is in the midst of a campaign with a financial target of $7 billion, and strategic goals include the support of transparency, inclusion, and a stronger, more unified Yale (https://forhumanity.yale.edu/about-campaign).  ODV collaborates with donors (alumni and non-alumni individuals, as well as corporations and other organizations) to reflect evolving campus priorities and maximize donor impact. 

As Director of Special Assets and Strategic Initiatives, I work with donors and gift officers to bring in non-cash gifts to Yale.  These can include securities, private equity, real estate, intellectual property, and life insurance contracts.  In close consultation with colleagues in Yale’s Office of General Counsel and Investments Office, I perform due diligence and manage the transfer of such gifts to Yale, as well as their subsequent sale, if applicable.  I also manage a portfolio of the unique special assets we choose to hold.

The extern would conduct research to support the due diligence of potential non-cash gifts, draft communications, and attend meetings with gift officers, donors, or other third parties in the management of the existing special assets portfolio.  The extern will also have the opportunity to learn about special tax-advantaged vehicles used in philanthropy, such as donor-advised funds, charitable gift annuities, and  charitable remainder trusts.

Recommended skills: Student will need to sign a confidentiality statement, per Office of Development policy.  Donor confidentiality is of prime importance.  Students interested in either legal or financial career paths are welcome, as this field can use both skill sets.  General familiarity with Microsoft Office software (especially Word and Excel) are sufficient.


Northeast Plastic Surgery Center

Location: Old Lyme, CT

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 13th - 17th)

Alum: Vinod V. Pathy, MD, Berkeley ‘95

Field: Surgery

Available Spots: 1 Extern

Sponsor Provided Description: Northeast Plastic Surgery Center is a plastic and reconstructive private practice that focuses on both breast reconstruction as well as cosmetic surgery. As the founder and owner of the practice, I wish I had known to seek out an externship while in college to experience a taste of both the mundane and exhilarating aspects of real world surgery prior medical school. We have two additional surgeons in the practice, as well as two physician assistants and multiple medial assistants and a nurse manager, in addition to non-clinical support staff. We have a wonderful mix of patients that allows us to see patients in the office-based setting, where we can perform minor procedures, as well as at multiple operating facility sites. The externship experience will allow you to shadow surgeons and physician assistants in the clinic to see patients and potentially observe minor procedures. Depending upon operating room restrictions at the time, there may be an opportunity to observe surgery in the operating room setting as well. In addition, reviewing my own experiences from medical school through residency and fellowship, to building a successful practice along with a medical device company, will help positively influence the next generation of physicians and surgeons.

Recommended skills: N/A


Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

Location: San Francisco, San Bruno, and Tiburon, CA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 13th - 17th)

Alum: Grant Din ‘79 

Field: Non-Profit Organization

Available Spots: 3 Externs

Sponsor Provided Description: Located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, Angel Island Immigration Station was routinely the first stop for immigrants crossing the Pacific Ocean from 1910-1940, in particular for Asians affected by harsh immigration laws. The Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF) is the nonprofit partner of California State Parks and the National Park Service in the effort to educate the public about the complex story and rich cultural heritage of Pacific Coast immigrants and their descendants. The focus of this externship is on historic research, writing, and website content creation. The extern(s) would be able to spend time researching and writing about Angel Island or more recent Pacific Coast immigrants for our Immigrant Voices website, and spend a day with the staff at Angel Island State Park so he or she could discover the history on that National Historic Landmark. We hope to have the extern(s) spend 2-3 days at the National Archives and Records Administration branch located in San Bruno, accessible by public transportation, and possibly work with archival interviews with former Angel Island detainees.

Recommended skills: Research, writing, interviewing, and sense of discovery.


San Francisco 49ers

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Duration: Spring Break Weeks 1 and 2 (March 13th - 17th and 20th - 24th)

Alum: Alison Lu ‘11 

Field: Business

Available Spots: 1 Extern

Sponsor Provided Description: The Business Strategy and Analytics group of the San Francisco 49ers enhances business operations on for the football team.  We work on projects such as ticketing analytics, retail sales, concession sales, and analytical marketing campaigns. Though it will be a little hard to predict what kind of projects and priorities we will have in the off-season, the extern should expect to learn about all of the above revenue-generating and customer experience-enhancing activities.  

Recommended skills: PowerPoint, data analytics, Excel, and research.

District of Columbia

AAAYA - DC The Capitol Experience

Location: Washington, DC

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 13th - 17th)

Alums: Rita Pin Ahrens ‘99 and Maria Lee ‘89

Field: Government, small businesses and advocacy groups

Available Spots: 3 Externs

Sponsor Provide Description: The Association of Asian American Yale Alumni DC Chapter (AAAYA-DC) is offering its first externship to examine Asian American identity in Washington DC’s unique public, professional, and political space. Externs will be mentored by AAAYA-DC Chapter’s Co-Chairs, Rita and Maria, and guided on a journey to explore the representation of Asian Americans and reflect meaningfully on that experience, as well as provide feedback and recommendations for future programming. Externs will have discussions with non-profit leaders working on Asian American issues, local and national policymakers engaged in Asian American affairs, and Yale alumni who weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into their everyday professional lives. Externs are expected to produce an essay and short video on their experience with the externship and exploration of Asian American identity.

Recommended skills:  Communication skills are helpful but not necessary.


Eos BioInnovation

Location: Boston, MA and virtual (hybrid)

Duration: Spring Break Weeks 1 and  2 (March 13th - 17th and 20th - 24th)

Alum: Jimmy Lu, Trumbull ‘77

Field: Venture Capital Investing

Available Spots: 1 Extern

Sponsor Provided Description: Eos BioInnovation focuses on incubating and investing in early stage companies in the Regenerative Medicine field (gene & cell therapy, tissue engineering & biomaterials, small/large molecules that help regeneration processes or arrest degeneration processes in the body).  We will introduce the science oriented extern to biotech and life science venture capital investing, and will ask the participant to assist with due diligence on new investment opportunities while working through possible term sheets, joining calls with existing portfolio companies, reviewing industry reports, conducting competitive analyses, etc. 

Recommended skills: Background in boscience/chemistry to fully appreciate new investment opportunities. 



Location: Boston, MA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 or 2 (March 13th - 17th or 20th - 24th)

Alum: Diana Tsang, Silliman ‘00

Field: Architecture

Available Spots: 1 Extern

Sponsor Provided Description: Payette is an award winning 170 person architecture firm specialized in healthcare and science building typologies. Our practice also includes landscape architecture, interior design, building science, space strategies, design visualization, fabrication, computation and research. We engage our clients at all levels of development and execution, including master planning and programming, concept formation, design and construction. I am currently the project manager on several projects at different phases and scales, from schematic design to construction administration. Ching Hua Ho is a principal specialized in Healthcare design. We will provide opportunities for the extern to attend internal team reviews, observe external meetings and visit a construction site where possible. The office offers abundant educational and social events weekly, including vendor lunches, project pin-ups, which will be great venues to talk to anyone in the office.

Recommended skills: Ideally an Architecture major in their junior/senior year.



Location: Virtual

Duration: Spring Break Weeks 1 and 2 (March 13th - 17th and 20th - 24th)

Alum: Sheridan Tatsuno, Branford ‘72

Field: Healthcare Technology

Available Spots: 2-4 Externs

Sponsor Provided Description: Aimedis.io has provided personalized medicine using the AVA AI avatar since 2017, the world’s first medical data NFT marketplace and the virtual Healthy City platform (using the Unreal 5.0 gaming engine) since 2022.  Based in Europe, we are entering up to 40 cities by late 2023 in the U.S., Japan, Asia, Africa and other regions.  Our tech team is in Dubai. We would like externs to research and identify communities interested in our AI, NFT and VR solutions for personalized healthcare, whether in the U.S., Asia, Africa, Mideast, Europe or Latin America, since we are a global online platform based on MDs and medical experts.   

Recommended skills: Potential use cases, test communities and business models for AI avatars, medical data NFT and art NFT fundraising, and VR platforms for enabling personalized mental and physical wellness as well as post-ER recovery, see Aimedis.io and YouTube videos.  The communities can be nonprofit, hospitals, clinics, academia, government, communities, etc. globally.  


Location: Virtual* (Singapore/Shanghai)

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 and 2 (March 13th - 17th and 20th - 24th)

Alum: Alex Chan, Grad School ‘96

Field: Business

Available Spots: 1-2 Externs

Sponsor Provided Description: Amcor is the leading flexible packaging company with sales of $20m.  Alex Chan leads the Asia Pacific Strategy and M&A team.  The externship will provide students with the opportunity to work on short strategic and M&A analytical projects.  Singapore is a main location; otherwise Shanghai or Hong Kong (depending on actual dates and the candidates) 

Recommended skills: Research, analytical; Chinese, Thai, Indonesian language skills helpful

*The AACC will typically not support in-person externships for locations outside the United States, but exceptions can be made for students who either reside in host countries or have other circumstances that would permit them to international externships. Please contact alumni.aacc@gmail.com and cc kenny.li@yale.edu and kaashif.ahmed@yale.edu for more details.