Externship Descriptions


Afro-Asia Group

Location: New York, NY
Duration: Week 2: March 18 - 22
Alum: Tao Leigh Goffe, YALE GSAS ‘15
Industry: Intersectional Consulting
Available Spots: 4-6 (additional students may be accommodated depending on alumni volunteers)

Sponsor Provided Description: Afro-Asia Group, LLC is an independent organization that provides consulting on the intersection between African and Asian diasporas. Our offices are at Hunter College and the New Museum. To us, Afro-Asia is a political project that we understand through the lens of feminism, technologies, and braided intellectual traditions. We collaborate with designers, museums, collectives, and publishers to create programming, research, and digital and print media on the ongoing vibrancy of Third World solidarity and anticolonial movements that continue every day. I work with scholars and artists to discuss South-South global intimacies, explore colonial foodways, and work on graphic design justice toward futurist coalition building. The extern would attend group meetings, take minutes, assist in graphic design and write research dossiers, and would help draft our newsletter and communications strategy including social media. 


Recommended skills: Interest in art installation and curatorial experience,  interest in fundraising, InDesign and Photoshop, communications and project planning experience, strong writing and research, social media skills, video editing. Strong writing skills and self-starters who demonstrate taking initiative.


Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

Location: San Francisco, CA
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15
Alum: Grant Din, Branford ‘79
Industry: Non-Profit
Available Spots:  2 - 4

Sponsor Provided DescriptionLocated in the middle of San Francisco Bay, Angel Island Immigration Station was routinely the first stop for immigrants crossing the Pacific Ocean from 1910-1940, in particular for Asians affected by harsh immigration laws. The Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF) is the nonprofit partner of California State Parks and the National Park Service in the effort to educate the public about the complex story and rich cultural heritage of Pacific Coast immigrants and their descendants. 

The focus of this externship is on historic research, writing, and possibly website content creation. The externs will be able to spend time researching and writing about Angel Island immigrants for our Immigrant Voices website or other media, and spend a day at Angel Island State Park so they can discover the history of that National Historic Landmark. The externs will spend 1-2 days at the National Archives and Records Administration branch located in San Bruno, and possibly work with archival interviews with former Angel Island detainees.

Recommended skillsGeneral research, writing, interest in Asian American history.

Association of Asian American Yale Alumni, NY

Location: New York, NY
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22 (depending on alumni participants)
Alum: Rockwell (“Rocky”) Chin, School of Art & Architecture (M.C.P.’71)
Industry: AAPI Advocacy
Available Spots: 4-6 (additional students may be accommodated depending on alumni volunteers)

Sponsor Provided DescriptionRocky is an appointed member of the NYC Commission on Human Rights & a long-time AAPI community advocate. He previously served in various capacities @ both the city & state civil rights agencies. Rocky is a founding member of AAAYA, AABANY/AALFNY & served on the YAA diversity, equity, and inclusion task force. In 2022, he was honored by the YAA (Yale Medal).

This unique “AAAYA externship” is intended for motivated students interested in understanding & addressing issues impacting AAPI & other disenfranchised/underrepresented communities. Yale alumni engaged in civic, community, cultural, biz, and social justice & government programs will interact with students via small meet-ups, seminar talks, and workplace tours. Externs can expect to volunteer for one group project. Small group meetings with alumni, walking tours, etc. will be coordinated by the externship coordinator in cooperation with other AAAYA members.

Recommended skills: Organizing/public speaking/ media/research & knowledge of Asian American history, etc.

Chinese Culture and Community Service Center

Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Bertrand Tzeng, Morse ‘94
Industry: Non-Profit
Available Spots: 1

Sponsor Provided DescriptionCCACC is a local non-profit organization focused on serving the needs of the Greater Washington community. We provide a wide variety of services and are composed of seven main departments that touch upon the different needs of community members. One of these departments, the CCACC Adult Day Healthcare Center, is the only non-profit adult daycare center in Maryland run by people of Chinese descent. The extern would perform data research and analysis to help the Adult Day Healthcare Center track operational and financial performance.


Recommended skillsMandarin Chinese fluency

International Rescue Committee (IRC) / Yale International Alliance (YIA)

Location: Seattle, Washington
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22, Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Kyle Kegang Wang, Saybrook ‘85
Industry: Non-Profit
Available Spots: up to 12 in spring 2024 (TBD)
Sponsor Provided Description: IRC is the largest refugee resettlement agency in the world working in 40 countries, directly helping over 30 million refugees to find home, schools, employments, jobs and communities around the world.  Founded in 1933 by Albert Einstein and his fellow scientists, IRC today is a $978 million/year nonprofit organization (all from donations) with 26 offices in the U.S.  “”IRC Seattle”” is one of the fastest growing offices among IRC’s U.S. locations.  For details on IRC’s scope and background, see its annual report of 2021 here: https://www.rescue.org/sites/default/files/2022-11/IPP2205_2021%20Annual%20Report.pdf
IRC is a partner of The Global Crises Action group of Yale International Alliance (YIA).  YIA-IRC partnership has established a virtual refugee service hub (e-commerce portal) in Seattle to provide goods for incoming refugees during their settlement.  I (Kyle Wang) in addition to leading YIA, am also the head of YIA’s Global Crisis Action group working directly with IRC-Seattle’s team (over 150 FTEs) in various functions and programs.
The tasks for externship students from Yale include (Spring 2024 ONLY):
– Standard ESL lessons with materials provided by IRC 
– In-person or virtual conversation centering job-seeking subjects
– Housing setups and home safety orientation
– Housing complex and neighborhood orientation
– Inventory mgmt and donation record keeping and update
– General Office administrative work, interfacing with clients and staff, etc.
Experience and learning at IRC program in Seattle:
—Gain the inside story of world’s refugee situation, today there’re 110 million refugees and estimated to grow to 1 billion in our lifetime, creating unavoidable and massive humanitarian crisis for the world.
—Learn how the most professional and sophisticated refugee resettlement operation works.
—Opportunities to be creative, innovative in helping IRC resettle the inflows of refugees in Seattle.
—Get to know a group of very dedicated and professional humanitarian workers, most of them with experiences in many countries and crises zones in the world.
—IRC’s brand is highly recognized in the world’s crisis relief industry equivalent to that of Microsoft in software industry.  Such a reputation may lend recognition or inroads in student’s future career in NGOs, governments and various types of nonprofits.  
Finally, YIA is a 501c-3 nonprofit corporation registered in Delaware, U.S. and a Yale Alumni SiG under Yale Alumni Association.  YIA is managed by a board of directors and ambassadors located in 22 countries.  
Recommended skills:  English language (coaching thro conversation), foreign languages (helpful), people skills, planning skills, prioritization and project mgmt helpful. As all roles at IRC have security-clearance requirements, IRC will conduct a basic background check on student’s applicants. 


Tunefoolery Music | 88 Stories Fund

Location: Boston | Cambridge MA (Hybrid)
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22, Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Linda Chin, Hopper ‘81
Industry: Non-Profit
Available Spots: 2 - 4

Sponsor Provided DescriptionI am the Artistic and Executive Director of an arts and human services nonprofit that educates, employs and empowers musicians in mental health recovery and produces 300 live music performances per year at shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers, and for the public. As part of our upcoming 30th anniversary we need help updating our website, creating documentary-style video testimonials to support a fundraising campaign for music education. Other independent projects I am looking for help on involve creating and producing a children’s musical inspired by the book Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin and a recording of the song Everything Possible by Rev. Fred Small. 


Recommended skillsDesign, video editing, storytelling, music/live performing arts experience

Womankind (New York Asian Women’s Center)

Location: New York, NY
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15
Alum: Mae Hsieh, Pierson ‘88
Industry: Fundraising
Available Spots: 1

Sponsor Provided DescriptionWomankind uses the multidimensionality of its Asian heritage to work alongside survivors of gender-based violence as they build a path to healing. Through our programs, we offer access to a safe place to live, counseling, legal assistance, wellness activities, and so much more. Womankind is an expert in serving Asian communities, yet our services are valuable and available to all. Whether in our services or in our increasing advocacy and policy work, Womankind first centers the survivor by uplifting them to control their own lives and narratives.  Womankind’s development team is tasked with raising funds to support the entirety of Womankind’s programs, operations, and infrastructure; increase visibility for Womankind as a leader in the gender-based violence field; and develop external partnerships that support resource building for long-term sustainability.

We are seeking an extern to assist in researching prospective donors.  This includes corporate donors, foundations and individuals that have alignment with the mission of Womankind.  In addition to the research, the extern would document what has been found and assist in organizing the information so that it is accessible to multiple stakeholders. In addition, the extern would attend internal and external development meetings and shadow development staff as appropriate. Before the externship, we will discuss with the student their particular goals, what Womankind can provide and what can reasonably be accomplished during the time period. We will have check-in meetings and regular communication with the student throughout the duration of the externship. 

Recommended skillsGeneral familiarity with Microsoft Office software (especially Word and Excel) are sufficient.



Apicella + Bunton Architects

Location: New Haven, CT
Duration:  Week 1: March 11 - 15 OR Week 2: March 18 - 22
Alum: Mai Wu, Trumbull ‘91, YSoA ‘96
Industry: Architecture
Available Spots: 1

Sponsor Provided Description: Apicella + Bunton Architects LLC is an architectural design firm specializing in planning and design services for residential, corporate, cultural, and academic clients. Student will shadow architects and designers.  Experience will include attendance of meetings, site visits, possible assistance with resources library, among other tasks. Possible software use includes Revit, Adobe “Creative” and Microsoft Office. Our firm is small, and is a studio setting which provides exposure to many elements of the profession through practice and observation. We try to expose our externs to as much as possible during their stay, so they have a good preview of the profession.


Recommended skillsAny of the software noted in the description, but not required.


Location: Boston, MA
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15
Alum: Diana Tsang, Silliman ‘00
Industry: Architecture
Available Spots: 1 Extern

Sponsor Provided DescriptionPayette is an award winning 180 person architecture firm specialized in healthcare and science building typologies. Our practice also includes landscape architecture, interior design, building science, space strategies, design visualization, fabrication, computation and research. We engage our clients at all levels of development and execution, including master planning and programming, concept formation, design and construction. I am currently managing several local projects at different phases (construction documents and construction administration).  Ching Hua Ho is a Principal specialized in Healthcare design. We will provide opportunities for the extern to attend internal team reviews, observe external meetings and visit a construction site where possible. The office offers abundant educational and social events weekly, including vendor lunches, project pin-ups, which will be great venues to talk to anyone in the office.


Recommended skillsIdeally students who are in junior/senior year in architecture major



Latitude High School

Location: Oakland, CA
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22
Alum: Lillian Hsu, Timothy Dwight ‘02
Industry: Education
Available Spots: 1 - 2

Sponsor Provide DescriptionLatitude High School is an XQ Super School, one of a handful of schools across the United States awarded a start-up grant for innovating public high school education. At Latitude, students use the Bay Area as their extended classroom, tackling real-world projects and immersing themselves in real-world internships and entrepreneurship opportunities. I am the founding principal of the school. The extern would have the opportunity to understand the inner workings of an innovative start-up school and learn about the ins and outs of school leadership, especially in an urban setting.


Recommended skills:  Interest in education 




Location: Virtual
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Alex Chan, Grad School ‘96
Industry: Business Strategy
Available Spots: 1
Sponsor Provided Description: Amcor is the leading flexible packaging company with sales of $20m.  I lead the Asia Pacific Strategy and M&A team.  The externship will provide students with the opportunity to work on short strategic and M&A analytical projects. 
Recommended skills: Research, analytical; Chinese, Thai, Indonesian language skills helpful

Eos BioInnovation

Location: Boston, MA
Duration: TBD
Alum: Jimmy Lu, Trumbull ‘77
Industry: Biotech
Available Spots: 1-2
Sponsor Provided Description: Eos BioInnovation focuses on incubating and investing in early stage companies in the Regenerative Medicine field (gene & cell therapy, tissue engineering & biomaterials, small/large molecules that help regeneration processes or arrest degeneration processes in the body).  We will introduce the science oriented extern to biotech and life science venture capital investing, and will ask the participant to assist with due diligence on new investment opportunities while working through possible term sheets, joining calls with existing portfolio companies, reviewing industry reports, conducting competitive analyses, etc. 
Recommended skills: Participant should have bioscience/chem background to fully appreciate new investment opportunities.


Oaktree Capital

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22, Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Patrick George, Pierson ‘16
Industry: Alternative Investments
Available Spots: 1
Sponsor Provided Description: Oaktree Capital is a leading alternative investment advisor. I lead investments on the flagship opportunities strategy. An extern could shadow me on day-to-day tasks, and could pursue a short term investment analysis project for evaluation by the broader group. 
Recommended skills: Excel and PowerPoint

Reach Capital

Location: San Francisco, CA
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15
Alum: James Kim, Davenport ‘11
Industry: Venture Capital
Available Spots: 1
Sponsor Provided Description: Reach Capital is an early stage venture capital firm that supports entrepreneurs developing technology solutions for the future of learning and work. Reach was founded in 2015 and is currently investing out of its $214M Fund IV. Reach portfolio companies include Brilliant, Handshake, Nearpod, Newsela, Outschool, and Replit. The Reach team consists of 13 professionals on the investment team and 4 professionals supporting platform and operations.
I am an investment partner and would directly supervise the extern. The externship would mainly entail shadowing me through the diverse aspects of venture capital investing, including founder pitches, due diligence, investment committee discussions, portfolio support, co-investor meetings, and internal projects. The extern may provide light support such as taking and synthesizing notes from founder pitches, or work on a small project of their own, such as doing desk research or surveying their peers on AI in higher ed.
Recommended skills: No specific skills required, but at least passing familiarity with startups and/or early stage investing would be helpful

San Francisco 49’ers

Location: Santa Clara, CA
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Alison Lu, Trumbull ‘11
Industry: Business Strategy
Available Spots: 1 Extern
Sponsor Provided Description: The Business Strategy and Analytics group of the San Francisco 49ers enhances business operations for the football team.  We work on projects such as ticketing analytics, retail sales, concession sales, and analytical marketing campaigns. Though it will be a little hard to predict what kind of projects and priorities we will have in the off-season, the shadow should expect to learn about all of the above revenue-generating and customer experience-enhancing activities.  
Recommended skills: Tableau, SQL, Google Slides

SV Accel

Location: Virtual (Potential visit to Silicon Valley)
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Robert H Lee, Branford ‘91
Industry: Accelerator
Available Spots: 2 - 4
Sponsor Provided Description: (1) SV Accel is a micro-accelerator for software and life science companies run by one person
(2 3) Executive Director and sole employee - my web profile (very informal, as I operate mostly by warm leads) is https://fl0wstate.com/robert
(4) Externs will analyze prospective companies and industries and develop content related to pre-seed financing and valuations. This position will be remote as I don’t know where I will be at that time, but there may be a chance to visit Silicon Valley. 
Recommended skills: ML, blockchain, GenAI, bioinformatics

Trading + Farming

Location: Honolulu, HI
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15
Alum: Peter Lu, Berkeley ‘11
Industry: Trading, Agriculture, Architecture
Available Spots: 2 - 4
Sponsor Provided Description: I’m an independent options trader and farmer. 
I’ll need one extern for my trading. I currently have a portfolio selling options, with specific strategies tailored to different market conditions. The extern here will need to be able to code in Python and be interested in the stock market. We do technical analysis trading. 
I’ll need another extern for my farm. I own 2 acres of land on Oahu near the North Shore and I’m planning to create an ecotourism food forest / agro forest with 400 fruit and nut trees for private tours, a nursery to sell plants, and a fruit stand. The extern here will be generally interested in business OR urban planning, as they’ll have a project to design what my 2 acre layout for my land will look like, research on fruit trees, etc. this might be an architecture major project? Not sure. 
Recommended skills: Python for the trading extern. 
Some kind of architecture - landscape architecture for the second, but not required. Interested in farming.

Yale University - Office of Development

Location: New Haven, CT (Hybrid)
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Gena Lai, Morse ‘95
Industry: Fundraising
Available Spots: 1
Sponsor Provided Description: The Yale University Office of Development (ODV) secures gifts to support programs across Yale University, including for financial aid, research, capital projects (such as the building of or renovations in residential colleges), faculty positions, international study, student support, etc. ODV is in the midst of a campaign with a financial target of $7 billion, and strategic goals include the support of transparency, inclusion, and a stronger, more unified Yale (https://forhumanity.yale.edu/about-campaign).  ODV collaborates with donors (alumni and non-alumni individuals, as well as corporations and other organizations) to reflect evolving campus priorities and maximize donor impact. 
As Director of Special Assets and Strategic Initiatives, I work with donors and gift officers to bring in non-cash gifts to Yale.  These can include securities, private equity, real estate, intellectual property, and life insurance contracts.  In close consultation with colleagues in Yale’s Office of General Counsel and Investments Office, I perform due diligence and manage the transfer of such gifts to Yale, as well as their subsequent sale, if applicable.  I also manage a portfolio of the unique special assets we choose to hold.
The extern would conduct research to support the due diligence of potential non-cash gifts, draft communications, and attend meetings with gift officers, donors, or other third parties in the management of the existing special assets portfolio.  The extern will also have the opportunity to learn about special tax-advantaged vehicles used in philanthropy, such as donor-advised funds, charitable gift annuities, and  charitable remainder trusts.
Recommended skills: Curiosity and willingness to read and write


Law Office of Stephen Chahn Lee, LLC

Location: Chicago, IL
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22
Alum: Stephen Chahn Lee, Morse ‘91
Industry: Legal Practice
Available Spots: 1
Sponsor Provided Description: The Law Office of Stephen Chahn Lee, LLC is a solo legal practice focused on white-collar criminal defense and health care fraud.  I was a federal prosecutor for 11 years and am happy to help train future lawyers.  The extern will shadow me in the course of meetings, case preparation, and community involvement in bar associations and research.  The extern will also likely help with some research assignments;  previous interns have helped me research ethics issues and Asian-American legal history.
Recommended skills: Research

Raju Law

Location: TBD (Alumni is remote, potentially different host if in-person)
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22, Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: John Yun, Jonathan Edwards ‘99
Industry: Immigration Law
Available Spots: 1
Sponsor Provided Description: Raju Law is an immigration law firm that helps people directly file immigration petitions to the US government so they can move to the US  and get on the path to become residents. We help students, families, and businesses. I am an immigration attorney working on these petitions. The intern will most likely work on these petitions with me and a paralegal or legal assistant. We are open to in-person or remote work for Bethesda, MD.
Recommended skills: We work with Adobe, Google, and MS software, but the programs will be provided and easy to learn. We are looking for students with good reading and writing skills, and we are open minded for someone who is willing to learn about immigration.


Dot Movement Digital

Location: Virtual, but may have external events that an extern can attend
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Liz Lee, Trumbull ‘11
Industry: Public Affairs + Strategic Communications
Available Spots: 1 - 2
Sponsor Provided Description: Dot Movement Digital is an AAPI woman-owned and operated public affairs and strategic communications firm. We turn ideas into movements with our small team that is scattered across the world. Our clients are typically leading AAPI organizations that set the stage for the AAPI narrative in the United States. While this externship is virtual, if externs happen to reside in the city where a client is hosting an event, they will be invited to fully participate in events. 
Tasks might include: 
Event management: 
Create promotional materials and assist in developing programming for upcoming events 
Attend events or meetings on behalf of the organization focused on mis- and disinformation, gun violence protection, climate justice, voter protection and voting rights, reproductive justice, and education.
Communications Tasks:
Create digital assets and copy text for social media campaigns and/or posts for clients
Curate weekly newsletter on relevant news and gun violence prevention and climate justice issues
Develop and draft internal and external documents and materials to build or retain relationships with donors, volunteers, community members, and other supporters of the organization.
Digital & Analytics
update website, analyze newsletter performance, observe visitor data, etc…
Perform assignments from the team and assist with administrative tasks as requested
Recommended skills: No previous experience is necessary, but the following qualifications would definitely be an asset:
Knowledge and Interests
Understanding of issues affecting Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities
Passion for politics, government, and public policy
Ability to jump between projects from day to day
Willingness to assist wherever needed based on the organization’s needs
Software experience
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Google Docs, Sheets
Strong writing ability for multiple audiences
Keen proofreading and editing skills

GGE Media

Location: Open to in-person but our team operates primarily virtually. That said, if student lives in or around Los Angeles, we could make it an in-person experience.
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Jason Chu, Morse ‘08
Industry: Music
Available Spots: 1-2
Sponsor Provided Description: GGE Media is a boutique artist services firm that works with music artists with a social impact message in the Asian American space, including racial justice, mental health, and other related fields. I am the lead artist and co-founder.
Student externs will receive mentorship and experience in the day-to-day operations of an independent music business, including: social media management, performance/tour booking, music publicity, song playlisting, and more.
Recommended skills: Social media management, email communications, Google suite proficiency (Sheets, Docs)

The Green Room

Location: Virtual
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Jon Wu, Saybrook ‘11
Industry: Film and Television
Available Spots: 4 - 6
Sponsor Provided Description: Externs will gain exposure to the entertainment industry and a basic understanding of the Hollywood ecosystem through educational panels, tutorials, and special projects. The experience is ideal for self-motivated and committed individuals looking to start a career in Hollywood as an executive assistant at an agency, studio, or production company post-graduation. 
Jon is a producer and Head of Filmed Content at The Green Room, founded by former WarnerMedia Chairman Bob Greenblatt. Previously, he served as Vice President of Film & Television at Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, where his credits include Where the Crawdads Sing (Sony) and The Morning Show (Apple). Prior to that, he was an executive at 20th Century Fox, overseeing the development, production, and acquisition of feature films, including Bohemian Rhapsody, Deadpool 2, Murder on the Orient Express, War for the Planet of the Apes, and The Greatest Showman. He began his career in the mailroom at WME Entertainment.
Recommended skills: Love of reading and writing, Active interest in film and television. Real interest in working in Hollywood and a hunger to learn.


Carle Health/ University of Illinois/ ID8

Location: Champaign, IL
Duration: Week 2: March 18 - 22
Alum: Philbert Chen, Branford ‘81
Field: Medical Tech
Available Spots: 1 - 2
Sponsor Provided Description: I am a practicing physician. Internal Medicine, working in Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine field, at Carle Health, a large regional integrated healthcare system with an insurance arm. I am also an instructor at the School of Medicine at UIUC. This is a new Engineering Medical School, enrolling engineers and training them to become physicians. I help mentor Innovation projects in the medical space, and collaborate with physicians, engineers, business students on projects. I could help a student develop a project idea of theirs, or create a project that they could continue after they leave, and act as an ongoing mentor. Ideally student would be interested in going into the medical field, or be in the engineering space and want to develop a project in the healthcare space. Examples would be a wheelchair mobility device, self balancing on one or 2 wheels, a self guiding cane for the blind, eye tracking headset that helps you type and navigate a computer screen. Open to new ideas. I’ve helped mentor over 50 projects over the years, about half of which are in the healthcare space. This is not an experience where one just shows up and sits there. The student would be required to come up with an idea, or evolve a current idea and work on iterating on the idea until a formalized version is created (at least on paper). The hope is that at the end of a week, you could take the project and continue to work on it over the next year or two, back at Yale.
Recommended skills: This really depends on the type of project you want to create. If the device or app you want to  create involves circuitry or software, you should be able to either bring those skills or recruit help.

Dexter Experts

Location: Los Angeles, CA (Hybrid)
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: David Yu, Grace Hopper ‘00
Field: Medical Tech
Available Spots: 1 - 2
Sponsor Provided Description: Dexter helps clients engage key opinion leaders such as doctors or researchers in precision medicine.  As the CTO I’m in charge of overseeing the technology and product development.  The extern would be able to focus on a specific business challenge we face and come up with a proposed solution in the form of a wireframe.  No implementation of the actual solution is needed.  The extern may need to interview some stakeholders to understand the challenge as part of the research.
Recommended skills: Wireframes - Balsamiq, Figma, etc.  Computer Science background helps but is not required.

Northeast Plastic Surgery Center

Location: Old Lyme, CT
Duration: Week 2: March 18 - 22
Alum: Vinod V. Pathy, MD, Berkeley ‘95
Field: Plastic Surgery
Available Spots: 1
Sponsor Provided Description: Northeast Plastic Surgery Center is a plastic and reconstructive private practice that focuses on both breast reconstruction as well as cosmetic surgery. As the founder and owner of the practice, I wish I had known to seek out an externship while in college to experience a taste of both the mundane and exhilarating aspects of real-world surgery prior to medical school. We have two additional surgeons in the practice, as well as two physician assistants and multiple medical assistants, a surgical scheduler, and a nurse manager, in addition to non-clinical support staff. We have a wonderful mix of patients that allows us to see patients in the office-based setting, where we can perform minor procedures, as well as at multiple operating facility sites. The externship experience will allow you to shadow surgeons and physician assistants in the clinic to see patients and potentially observe minor procedures. Depending upon operating room restrictions at the time, there may be a further opportunity to observe surgery in the operating room setting as well. In addition, reviewing my own experiences from medical school through residency and fellowship, as well as building a successful practice along with a medical device company, will help positively influence the next generation of physicians and surgeons.
Recommended skills: N/A

Restore Orthopedics & Spine Center

Location: Irvine, California
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22, Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Eric Yao Chang MD, Saybrook ‘99
Field: Sports Medicine
Available Spots: 4 - 6
Sponsor Provided Description: Academic Private Practice affiliated with the University of California Irvine.  We are an Orthopedic Sports Medicine practice. I am the owner of my practice and it’s a good experience to learn clinical orthopedic sports medicine and clinical research opportunities.  This will allow you to prepare for a future in the field of medicine.
Recommended skills: Pre-med, Be ready to learn!

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Location: Houston, Texas
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15
Alum: Siddharth Prakash, Trumbull ‘93
Field: Sports Medicine
Available Spots: 1
Sponsor Provided Description: I am a cardiologist at a large academic medical center specializing in adult congenital heart disease. I see patients who have aortic aneurysms and dissections and supervise medical therapy to prevent aortic dissections along with regular imaging of their heart and vasculature. Students could attend clinic and meet me on cardiovascular rounds or in the echo lab. Note that any undergraduate student who wishes to observe clinical rounds must register as an observer and undergo a background check or additional vetting from the medical school before they are allowed to participate.
Recommended skills: An interest in internal medicine or cardiology and good communication skills would be helpful.

Politics/Public Sector

Office of MN Rep. Liz Lee

Location: St. Paul, MN
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Kaozouapa Elizabeth Lee (Liz), Trumbull ‘11
Industry: Government
Available Spots: 1 - 2
Sponsor Provided Description: The Minnesota House of Representatives boats 134 members and is anticipated to have a fast-paced session in 2024 - the last year of the current biennium. 
Externs will be both observer and participant to the daily workings of Rep. Liz Lee’s office. Our staff consists of 1 legislative aide and 1 press staffer. Externs will have the opportunity to join internal staff meetings, meetings with stakeholders on pending legislation, as well as voting time on the MN House Floor. If there is interest and time, externs may consider drafting resolutions and bills, as well as correspondence with constituents and/or state and federal agencies.
Recommended skills: Open to taking all majors; good communications skills are a plus!



Location: Hong Kong
Duration: Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Minh Ngan Tran,  Morse ‘09
Field: Product Management
Available Spots: 1 - 2
Sponsor Provided Description: Goodnotes is the leading AI digital paper beloved by 24 million users worldwide. Launched in 2011, Goodnotes started as an improvement to physical paper notes. Today, Goodnotes is pioneering generative AI for digital handwriting in the productivity space. Goodnotes was most recently named Apple’s 2022 iPad App of the Year. I’m currently the VP of Operations and Academic Affairs at Goodnotes overseeing all of our business and people functions. Our two externs will join our marketing team to help us design our field marketing efforts at colleges around the world!
Recommended skills: Love for all things branding and marketing; experience with organizing campus events and galvanizing people to come out for them

Quarrel - Idea Stage Startup

Location: Virtual
Duration: Week 1: March 11 - 15, Week 2: March 18 - 22, Weeks 1 & 2: March 11-22
Alum: Anna Wang, Trumbull ‘14
Field: Tech Startup
Available Spots: 4-6
Sponsor Provided Description: Quarrel is a debating platform project that is an idea stage startup. It currently has a team of 4, 3 cofounders and 1 project manager. We are seeking externs on the engineering or business operations side to help us further build out the project. The extern will be a part of meetings, work on Slack, use Asana, and develop project management skills. They will also get to experience very early stage startup work and learn from ex-Instacart, Columbia MBA, and ex-bankers. It is a cool international group of people looking to create a new social media/ed-tech product!
Recommended skills: Computer Science, Economics, Business, Accounting, Mathematics, Physics