Externship Descriptions

Greater New York City Area

Apicella + Bunton Architects, LLC

Location: New Haven, CT

Duration: Spring Break Week 2 (March 16th - 20th)

Alum: Mai Wu ‘91, YSoArchitecture ‘96 (Principal)

Field: Architecture

Description: Apicella + Bunton Architects LLC is an architectural design firm specializing in planning and design services for residential, corporate, cultural, and academic clients. The position may involve the following tasks:  samples library assistance, site visits, short design exercise, and meeting attendance. Possible software use includes Revit, Adobe “Creative” and Microsoft Office. Our firm is small, and is a studio setting which provides exposure to many elements of the profession through practice and observation. We try to expose our externs to as much as possible during their stay, so they get a good preview of the profession.

Recommended skills: Any of the software noted in the description.

Asian American Alumni of Yale Association (AAAYA)-New York

Location: New York City, New York

Duration: Spring Break Week 2 (March 16th - 20th)

Alum: Rockwell “Rocky” Chin ‘71, Jaime Sunwoo ‘14

Field: Human Rights/Advocacy, Non-profit

Description: For over 10+ years, AAAYA NY has sponsored a summer fellowship in NYC offering fellows an opportunity to work at grassroots communities (e.g.Minkwon, Museum of Chinese in America, Immigrant Social Services, etc. serving NY’s Asian Americans). 

This Spring Externship is an interdisciplinary program that introduces students to social issues impacting Asian Pacific Americans in NYC. Students are offered the opportunity to learn about a select number of community, non-profit &/or civic organizations through a joint group project directed by AAAYA. While students apply to select tracks (1) human rights, (2) arts/cultural policy, and (3) non-profit/immigrant rights and work closely with specific alumni (see below), all students will work together on a group project that adds community value to AAAYA. 

Recommended skills: 

No skills, but interest in Asian American policy, ethnic studies, civil rights, social justice as reflected in course and/or extracurricular activities. Web & communication/media/social networking experience is a plus; Language skills (AAPI languages) a plus.

             1. Human Rights Track

Alum: Rocky Chin ‘71 (NYC Commissioner on Human Rights)

Field: Human Rights/Advocacy

Description: Founder member of AAAYA Rocky Chinwell is a retired government civil rights attorney (& current member of the New York City Commission on Human Rights & Executive Council Member of AARP). He will host this externship alongside his AAAYA-NY partners.

Students interested in human rights/civil rights will work closely alongside Rocky, including attending seminar discussions related to housing/education/civil engagement/civil rights. 

2. Arts/Culture

Alum: AAAYA-NY Member, Jaime Sunwoo ‘14 (VP of AAAYA-NY)

Field: Arts/Culture & Theater

Description: Vice President of AAAYA-NY Jaima Sunwoo is a Korean American multidisciplinary working artist from Brooklyn, NYC. She combines video, audio, sculpture, and storytelling to create sensory performances in galleries, theaters, and public spaces to explore Asian American history. She facilitated a SPAM workshop and was a panelist for the Asia is in the America (Chewing the Fat) event this past academic year. 

She will host this externship alongside AAAYA-NY partners.

Students interested in the arts/culture will shadow Jaime Sunwoo on her current project called Specially Processed American Me, a multidisciplinary performance project exploring the history of SPAM, the canned meat, in the Asia-Pacific and its place in the Asian American experience. They will also be introduced to several diverse non-profit arts groups. 

3. Non-Profit/Immigrant Rights

Alum: AAAYA-NY Members, TBD

Field: Non-profit/Immigrant Rights

Description: This will also be coordinated by an AAAYA-NY officer. Students interested in human rights/civil rights will be exposed to a variety of non-profit organizations that advocate for immigrant rights. 


Location: New York City, NY

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Daryl Hok ‘14 (Chief Operating Officer)

Field: Business

Description: CertiK is a blockchain cybersecurity company founded by the Department Chair of Computer Science at Yale (Prof. Shao) and Assistant Professor at Columbia (Prof. Gu, Yale PhD) that specializes in using mathematical proofs to prove that source code is secure from critical vulnerabilities. I am the COO of the company, and focus on operating the business and establishing strategic partnerships. The extern would assist primarily in business development opportunities and learn the intricacies of the sales funnel from the ground up. CertiK is a start-up with a slim team, so the externs will get the chance to learn about all angles of running / scaling a business - and actively participate in helping grow it. Although the company’s backbone is highly technical, there is no technical experience needed - eagerness to learn is all that is required.

Recommended skills: There’s the possibility of bringing multiple different roles of externs (e.g. one design oriented, BD focused, etc.), but other than the specialties needed in design, no specific background required. The externship will be a hack-a-thon oriented project in which externs will be a team to work on various aspects of the project. The externship will serve as an introduction to the startup world in which people are accustomed to wearing multiple hats and contributing in a variety of areas; there’s never enough time or resources, but it’s amazing what can get accomplished. Ideal backgrounds may include: blockchain, computer science, design, writing, consulting, finance, sales, and most importantly, a history of being self-motivated, agile, open-minded, and eager to learn.


City of New Haven

Location: New Haven, CT

Duration: Spring Break Week 2 (March 16th - 20th)

Alum: Latha Swamy ‘16 (Director of Food System Policy)

Field: Policy

Description: The City of New Haven Food System Policy Division (FSPD)’s mission is to support and help manifest community-led efforts that envision and create environmentally sustainable and socially just alternatives to our current food system. FSPD operates through a food justice framework. To create this enabling environment, FSPD works on food policy at all levels that impact New Haven residents:

  • from changing practices within organizations and institutions, 
  • to modifying regulations at a city level, 
  • to advocating on legislation at a state and federal level, 
  • to shaping international agendas.

The FSPD operates across three thematic priorities - health, environment, and socio-economic justice. The ideal project or policy would fall at the intersection of these priorities, as many of our current projects do. More specifically, the extern will have the opportunity to help the FSPD: 

  • Lead food policy projects and activities that protect the public’s health and the environment
  • Develop and implement research activities and policy strategies that promote the mobilization of the public health and environmental fields in agriculture, food system, and economic policy
  • Manage engagement with and provide technical assistance to governmental and non-governmental organizations, public health and environmental research groups, food entrepreneurs, and other food-related businesses in order to dismantle policy barriers
  • Facilitate new partnerships and leverage funding to implement innovative solutions to address diet-related population health, urban agriculture, food security, and food supply chain issues. FSPD accomplishes this work through a coalition-based approach. This includes: -Interdepartmental partnerships within the local government -Institutional partnerships -Knowledge-sharing networks - local, regional, national, international 

Recommended skills: Experience with graphic design, familiarity with communications and project planning, and excellent writing skills. Knowledge of food justice and the New Haven food system a plus, but not required. 


Junzi Kitchen

Location: New York City, NY

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Lucas Sin ‘15 (Chef)

Field: Culinary

Description:  Junzi Kitchen is a Northern Chinese restaurant group founded by Yale graduates in 2015. We serve Chinese food in a fast casual context, but more broadly aim to use honest, contemporary Chinese food experiences as a medium of cultural translation. The culinary extern would spend a week shadowing me in the kitchen for day-to-day lunch and dinner service, after hours pop-ups, and other collaborative special events in the city.

Recommended skills: An interest in cuisine is a must. A culinary background is preferred.


Museum of Chinese in America

Location: New York City, NY

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Nancy Yao Maasbach (President)

Field: Visual Arts

Description: The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) aims to engage audiences in an ongoing and historical dialogue, in which people of all backgrounds are able to see American history through a critical perspective, to reflect on their own experiences, and to make meaningful connections between: the past and the present, the global and the local, themselves and others. The collection includes more than 65,000 business, family and community artifacts, documents, newspapers/magazines, photographs, and oral histories relaying the diverse histories of Chinese Americans. The core exhibition With a Single Step traces more than 160 years of Chinese American history and is augmented annually with 2 to 4 rotating exhibitions that explore thematic, historic and artistic subjects related to the Chinese experience in America. MOCA’s public programs include interactive family festivals celebrating Chinese holidays, a speaker series, gallery tours, walking tours of Chinatown, workshops, film festivals, and author talks, among many other popular programs. More than 38,000 visitors attend MOCA annually. More than 15,000 students from 200+ schools participate in educational programs annually. MOCA began in 1980 as the New York Chinatown History Project by historian John Kuo Wei Tchen and community resident/activist Charles Lai. It was created to develop a better understanding of our Chinese American history and community and to respond to the concern that the memories and experiences of generations would perish without oral history, photo documentation, research and collection efforts. 

I oversee the Volunteer and Internship Program in MOCA. The program place our externs in departments based on their skills and qualifications. We have opening in Collections and Research Center, Education, Exhibitions and Curation, Public Programs, Marketing and Communications, and Development. The externs will participate in staff meeting and department meetings, and gain program-specific training and experience from projects.

Recommended skillsMarketing and Communications: Experience with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and/or video editing software.

Portfolio Advisors, LLC

Location: Darien, CT

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Michelle Lee ‘01 & ‘05 (Deputy General Counsel)

Field: Legal

Description: Please refer to Portfolio Advisors, LLC’s website www.portad.com to obtain general background information on the company. The main activities will be working alongside the legal department of a private equity fund of funds/financial advisory services firm. We make investments in private equity funds, secondaries, co-investments and direct debt deals. I will try to carve out discrete legal projects and try to provide a realistic experience into a life of a lawyer (not the glamorized version presented by law firms to law students during their summer programs). The student is welcome to attend Investment Committee meetings and speak with other members of the legal department.

Recommended skills: Energy, clear speaking and writing, optimism, data analysis.

The Playwrights Realm

Location: New York City, NY

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Celine Delcayre (General Manager)

Field: Performing Arts

Description: The Playwrights Realm is a New York-based not-for-profit theatre company devoted to supporting early-career playwrights along the journey of playwriting. The Realm’s model combines the best of producing houses, development centers, and artist service organizations to provide a wide range of resources that help our playwrights to create new work and build successful careers. The extern will be working with the Producing Director in a variety of projects, such as grant proposals, contributing social media content, reading new play submissions and writing coverage, event planning & coordination. This is a great opportunity for somebody interested in arts management.

Recommended skills: general office administration, social media, graphic design, video editing.

Yale Alumni Association

Location: New Haven, CT

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Steve Blum ‘74 (Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives)

Field: Higher Education

Description: Supporting Kate Gustavson and Steve Blum in connection with (i) Careers, Life, and Yale (CLY) programs and events (bringing Yale alumni and students together for discussions of career and life skills and wisdom); (ii) our alumni-to-student mentoring program; (iii) Students and Alumni of Yale (STAY), a student/alumni organization dedicated to furthering student/alumni relations at and beyond Yale; (iv) analysis and interpretation of data on attendees of CLY events and of our mentoring program; (v) sitting at the entrance to Rose Alumni House and greeting visitors.

Recommended skills: Energy, clear speaking and writing, optimism, and data analysis. *On-campus interview required.


University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Location: Birmingham, AL                                                                                

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)                                                                         

Alum: Yuying Chen ‘96 (Associate Professor)                                                                                         

Field: Medicine                                                                                                                 

Description: National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center offers provides an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experiences with the management, analysis, and reporting of a national registry of more than 30,000 persons with spinal cord injury. 

Recommended skills: Knowledge with statistics is preferred


Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

Location: San Francisco, San Bruno, and Tiburon, CA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Grant Din ‘79 (Former employee)

Field: Non-Profit Organization

Description: Located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, Angel Island Immigration Station was routinely the first stop for immigrants crossing the Pacific Ocean from 1910-1940, in particular for Asians affected by harsh immigration laws. The Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF) is the nonprofit partner of California State Parks and the National Park Service in the effort to educate the public about the complex story and rich cultural heritage of Pacific Coast immigrants and their descendants. The focus of this externship is on historic research, writing, and website content creation. The extern(s) would be able to spend time researching and writing about Angel Island or more recent Pacific Coast immigrants for our Immigrant Voices website, and spend a day with the staff at Angel Island State Park so he or she could discover the history on that National Historic Landmark. We hope to have the extern(s) spend 2-3 days at the National Archives and Records Administration branch located in San Bruno, accessible by public transportation, and possibly work with archival interviews with former Angel Island detainees.

Recommended skills: Research, writing, interviewing, and sense of discovery.


Collab: One Reality with the National Japanese American Historical Society 

Location: San Francisco, CA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Sheridan Tatsuno ‘72 (Co-founder), working with Rosalyn Tonai (Director)

Field: Tech

Description: One Reality AB is a VR platform for Smart Sustainable City design, healthcare, energy, sports and tourism. Their mission is to reduce carbon emissions using Smart Cities tools. In collaboration with Director Rosalyn Tonai from the National Japanese American Historical Society, this externship will provide the extern the learning opportunity to build simple VR models of SF Japantown (plus add some avatars, either human scan-ins or computer generated). The primary project goal is to showcase Japantown (either during the 1930s or 2020) online for people worldwide, as part of NJAHS’s mission of educating the public about Japanese American culture and history. The project will be conducted under joint guidance with Sheridan and Rosalyn! 

Recommended skills: Basic knowledge of Unity, Unreal and/or WebVR. Ideal for someone interested in history, architecture, design, tourism, music and culture.


Foothill College 

Location: Los Altos Hills, CA 

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Thuy Thi Nguyen ‘97 (President)

Field: Higher Education 

Description: Shadow with the current President of Foothill College – a college with a national reputation for academic excellence and innovation in Silicon Valley. The extern would have the opportunity to shadow other administrators on campus. Additionally, they would assist our college with three important efforts: Service Leadership, Early College Promise, and Marketing/Outreach.

International Children Assistance Network (ICAN)

Location: San Jose, CA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Quyen Vuong ‘89 (Executive Director and Founder)

Field: Community Development Non-Profit 

Description: ICAN is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2000 with the goal of engaging families to help children become successful and caring leaders in society.  Our programs aim to help provide parents with the confidence and skills to be their own advocates. We are a community of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants trying to build a new life in a new land.  We want to give back and help change lives, much like the way our lives were changed-for the better-here in America.

Our Approach: We approach the teaching of parenting skills with the consideration of the challenges of raising a cross-cultural family blended with an understanding of child developmental psychology.  This unique approach allows us to highlight the best qualities of traditional Vietnamese cultural with the scientific understanding of psychology to help both parents and children make the best of a constantly changing dynamic environment. 

 Specifics of Externship Program: During the one week externship program, the externs will be shadowing the Program Director and various staffs to participate in the following programs:

1. Census 2020 canvassing: We will be out canvassing the Vietnamese community to get them to sign up and vote.

2. Parent Café workshop:  Externs can help or participate in our Parent café in which parents come together in a café style forum to share parenting trials and tribulations.

3. Community forum:  Depending on the community forum and meeting at the time, externs can meet with the Vietnamese community as they share their concerns.

4. Early Childhood learning programs: Externs can shadow our staff as they conduct training to parents on how to raise their children with skills to succeed in America.

Recommended skills: Bilingual in Vietnamese is suggested, but not required. 


San Francisco 49ers

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Alison Lu ‘11 (Manager, Business Strategy & Analytics)

Field: Business

Description: The Business Strategy and Analytics group of the San Francisco 49ers enhances business operations on for the football team.  We work on projects such as ticketing analytics, retail sales, concession sales, and analytical marketing campaigns. Though it will be a little hard to predict what kind of projects and priorities we will have in the off-season, the shadow should expect to learn about all of the above revenue-generating and customer experience-enhancing activities.  

Recommended skills: PowerPoint, data analytics, Excel, and research.

Strategic Alternatives

Location: San Francisco, CA

Duration: Spring Break Week 2 (March 16th - 20th)

Alum: William “Rhys” Dekle ‘89 (Partner, Co-owner)

Field: Game Development Business

Description: Strategic Alternatives is a unique strategy consulting & acquisition advisory firm within the video game industry which has been operating for over 20 years. We work for the CEOs of leading game industry companies to grow their enterprise value ultimately positioning and helping our clients exit at premium valuations. Our firm has 27 developer clients around the world working on games for mobile, PC, Console, and VR/AR.  The extern would assist the Partners on logistics and planning of two events we organize at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco (a golf tournament, an all day game executive networking event known as the Cabal). In addition, the extern would attend certain meetings with our clients, prospects, and partners and gain rare insight into the business side of the global video game industry. Finally, the extern would be expected to visit the GDC show floor to see the games being made by indie developers and identifying potential games and developers who may be of interest to our firm.

Recommended skills: Interest in business and video games; good time management and detail-attentive.

WI Harper Group

Location: San Francisco, CA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Jimmy Lu ‘77 (Managing Director)

Field: Venture Capital 

Description: WI Harper is a venture capital firm which focuses on technology and healthcare investments in the U.S. and Greater China (www.wiharper.com). The firm has offices in San Francisco, Beijing and Taipei. The AACC externship will be based in the San Francisco Office. During the weeklong period, the extern will have a broad exposure to the venture capital environment, including assisting with due diligence of investment opportunities, attending meetings and conference calls with existing and prospective portfolio companies, meeting with Yale entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the Bay Area, conducting competitive analysis, working with investment professionals at all levels and engaging in short research projects on certain industry sectors. 

Recommended skills: No specific skills necessary–only sincere interest in (i) venture investing and finance and (ii) the high tech and healthcare startup environment.

District of Columbia

OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates

Location: Washington, DC

Duration: Spring Break Week 2 (March 16th - 20th)

Alum: Rita Pin Ahrens ‘99 (Executive Director)

Field: Non-profit and advocacy

Description: OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates is a national non-profit, membership-driven civil rights organization based in Washington, D.C. with over 50 chapters and affiliates around the country. Touching hundreds of thousands of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) each year, OCA works with its organizational partners, members, chapters, and supporters to empower the next generation of leaders. Rita Ahrens is the Executive Director, responsibility for overseeing the strategy of the organization and executing on the mission to advance the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  Spring externs would work on projects related to increasing public awareness of AAPI civil rights issues, in preparation for the celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, and attend civil rights coalition meetings where they can learn more about organizing and community building.

Recommended skills: Passion for Asian American and Pacific Islander issues, the ability to tell a compelling story, and fearlessness in asking for support.


Cambridge Community Foundation/Sampan

Location: Cambridge/Boston, MA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 or 2

Alum: Linda Chin ‘81 (Board Emerita and Arts & Culture Fellow/Arts Journalist)

Field: Arts and Journalism

Description: Cambridge Community Foundation (CCF) is the local giving platform that supports Cambridge’s shared prosperity, social equity and cultural richness. At CCF’s upcoming signature event, We Are Cambridge 2020, the community is celebrating an inaugural group of 20 Cambridge Cultural Visionaries who are legends in their individual artistic disciplines and nurture creative communities in Cambridge and beyond. Between January 20, 2020 (MLK Day of Service) and the event (April 16, 2020), CCF will create and disseminate daily digital stories about the visionaries, other local artists, arts & cultural happenings, public art and cultural institutions throughout the city, demonstrating Cambridge’s abundance of cultural capital and our belief that creativity and culture are the foundation of resilient communities. As storytellers-in-residence, the extern(s) will support the production and sharing of these stories, support the event planning and execution for a non-profit whose roots go more than a century deep. There will also be opportunities to shadow leaders of other Cambridge non-profits, see theater/arts events and write reviews for publication in Sampan New England 

Recommended skills: Interest in authentic storytelling, creative and performing arts, journalism, interview skills, video/filmmaking skills a plus. Comfort with people of all ages, backgrounds and status.

Greater Minneapolis - St. Paul Area

Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Location: Greater Minneapolis - St. Paul Area

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th -13th)

Alum: Cam Hoang ‘97 (Partner)

Field: Corporate Law

Description: Dorsey and Whitney is an AmLaw 100 law firm, we help clients with corporate matters including governance and SEC compliance, equity plans and executive compensation, securities offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. The intern would assist with legal research projects and participate in corporate practice group meetings. 

Recommended skills: Good writing, communications and analytical skills are helpful.


Thyroid, Endocrinology, and Diabetes

Location: Dallas, TX                                                                                                                                  

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)                                                         

Alum: Steve Fordan ‘99 (Endocrinologist)                                                                         

Field: Medical                                                                                                                               

Description: Dr. Steve Fordan specializes in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism and Diabetes. The extern(s) will shadow Dr. Fordan, and may have the opportunity to interact with patients. This is a great opportunity to see if medicine is the right career path for you.                        

Recommended skills: Spanish is helpful.


Catapult App / Soopahgenius

Location: Seattle, WA

Duration: Spring Break Week 1 (March 9th - 13th)

Alum: Susie Lee ‘94 (Co-founder and Creative Director)

Field: Start-up & Technology

Description: Soopahgenius is an early stage software start up that is developing Catapult, an AI-driven platform for storytelling. Our mission, using machine-learning and artificial intelligence, is to unlock the amazing, unique, and personal stories we all have inside us. The extern would help with app testing, content creation, conduct user interviews and present analyses of customer feedback to suggest valued functions and next steps for app development.

Recommended skills: Comfortable creating short videos (on whatever platform they prefer), interview people, and can work independently, with strategic project planning experience.

Hong Kong

Education First

Location: Hong Kong

Duration: Entire Spring Break (March 9th - 20th) 

Alum: Minh Tran ‘09 (Senior Director of Research and Academic Partnerships)

Field: Education

Description: EF Education First is the world’s largest privately-held education company. The EF Hong Kong office is our Asia headquarters, so you’ll gain great exposure to the business of education and travel in Asia. While you’re welcome to shadow me, I’ll also try to give you a small project so that you can get a taste of it’s like to work for a global education company. The EF culture is super fun and down-to-earth so we’ll make sure you’ll have a good time, and Hong Kong is a fantastic place to visit!

Founded by Bertil Hult, a Swedish entrepreneur, in 1965, EF now has nearly 50,000 employees and 580 schools and offices in 52 countries. The EF Hong Kong office is located in the iconic Times Square building, with gorgeous views of Victoria Harbour. Our office neighbors include Alibaba, Apple, and Google. 

Recommended skills: Language skills would be helpful but are not required (particularly Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and/or Thai)