Forms and Ruptures ft. Diana Khoi Nguyen and Cindy Juyoung Ok PC’14

Diana Khoi Nguyen and Cindy Juyoung Ok ‘14 read and converse at the collapsing center of narrative, depiction, and noise. How do violence and liberation move the Asian American body, and where does its language start, stop, and meander? What stays in between and without sound, space, or silence in the generational aftermath of U.S. wars in Korea and Vietnam? The award-winning writers share varied rendering of gaps—resistances, ruptures, and fissures—as well as their closing or widening through translation, experimentation, and reframing.

Intercultural Tattoo Colloquium

Tattooing as an art form has a complex, often repressed, frequently stigmatized history shared by and unique to every single culture on earth! Come listen to 7 tattoo artists of various heritages talk about their journey into tattooing, what it was like developing their own artistic styles, and how their intersecting identities have impacted and informed their career and their self-expression as tattoo artists.
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Chitrangada - A Tale of Transformation

The dance drama Chitrangada is a phenomenal illustration of Tagore’s conceptualization of human emotions. The play follows the warrior-princess Chitrangada, who has been raised like a man by her father as he wanted a son. Upon an encounter with Arjuna, the greatest warrior of the time, where she is ignored and dismissed as a little boy, the masculine Chitrangada starts grieving her disconnect from femininity.

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