Graduate Assistants (GAs) and Fellow

Bel Zufferey (GA)

Pronouns: she/they

Yale School of Public Health & Yale Divinity School ‘25: Public Health + Theology

Why AACC? The AACC is always growing to meet the needs of the Yale study body: I love the openness, accountability, and warmth of the AACC community (and the kitchen). 

What is your favorite New Haven Restaurant? Pho Ketkeo

What is your favorite artist(s)/band(s)? Don Toliver, PNL, Aminé, and Leon Bridges


Jackie Wu (GA)

Pronouns: she/her

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ‘28: PhD, History

Why AACC? I’m excited to be part of such a supportive and collaborative community!

What is your favorite food? Pad See Ew

What is your hobby (or hobbies)? Crocheting and knitting


Kevin Quach (GA)

Pronouns: he/him

Yale School of Public Health ‘23: Health Policy

Why AACC? The political legacy of Yale Asian American alumni activism was formative to my engagement and understanding of Asian American identity. It’s a humble honor to be able to continue nurturing the physical space that previous Asian American alumni fought so hard to provide for us. 

What is your favorite movie/TV show? Spirited Away

What is your favorite Yale class? Black Disability Studies 


Melodie Liu (Fellow)

Pronouns: she/they

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ‘27: PhD, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Why AACC? Excited most of all to get to know the AACC community better and explore together all kinds of questions about AsnAm identity and history and activism.

What is your favorite New Haven restaurant? Zaroka

What is your favorite campus study spot? cross campus (ask me why i call it *sterling green*)