Peer Liaisons

Alissa Ji

Alissa Ji (Pierson)

Academic (major): Undeclared (potentially Economics & Mathematics)

Hometown: Marietta, GA

What I’m up to this summer: Interning at Elm City Communities in New Haven under the President’s Public Service Fellowship

Extracurriculars: Yale College Council (YCC) Events Committee, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team, Dwight Hall Center for Public Service & Social Justice, Tour Guide, Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT)

Hobbies: Reading, crafting, watching movies, napping, baking

Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore in Pierson College and hail from the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. On campus, I’m involved with the Yale College Council (YCC) Events Committee, which plans fun study breaks and events for the study body, and Dwight Hall, the umbrella organization for campus social justice and public service groups. I also play on Mona, the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team and club sport. In my free time, I love to bake, read, and watch movies, especially those directed by Christopher Nolan and Hayao Miyazaki. This summer, I will be interning with Elm City Communities, a nonprofit that provides housing assistance and programs to people in the New Haven community. I’m excited to be a PL this year and am looking forward to meeting all of you!

Peter Hwang

Peter Hwang (Davenport)

Academic (major): Economics and Anthropology

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX and Lincolnshire, IL

What I’m up to this summer: Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA and community outreach work in Cambridge, MA

Extracurriculars: AASA, YCC, ROTC, Sigma Chi

Hobbies: Boxing, Hiking, YouTube

Hi 2021 - Welcome to Yale!

My name is Peter. I grew up as a Korean American immigrant in the South and Midwest with my parents and younger brother. Feel free to reach out about life in college - I’m here to answer almost any questions y’all might have. I’m excited to get to know you all and to hear your stories this upcoming year!

Eyrica Sumida

Eyrica Sumida (Branford)

Academic (major): Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology 

Hometown: Honolulu, HI

What I’m up to this summer: working as a residential counselor for Yale Summer Session, taking a class, conducting research on Parkinson’s Disease at a laboratory at Yale Medical School. 

Extracurriculars: conduct research at the medical school, co-moderator of the Asian American Students Alliance, Asian American Cultural Center alumni co-coordinator, Morse College Office Aide, volunteer with Hypertension Awareness and Prevention Program at Yale (HAPPY) club, volunteer at Yale-New Haven Hospital

Hobbies: Reading books and magazine articles, baking, shopping, Netflix, eating

Hey Class of 2021! I’m a junior in Morse College, majoring in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology (MCDB), and I am pre-med. Last summer, I worked at a summer camp in Shanghai, China for elementary school kids, but I am excited to spend my first summer in New Haven this year. In my two years at Yale, some of my favorite experiences have been shadowing a physician at Yale-New Haven hospital, organizing an Asian American cultural showcase, and trying out all of New Haven’s restaurants with my friends. I’m really excited to be a PL this year, and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Ellie Shang

Ellie Shang (Timothy Dwight)

Academic (major): Undeclared

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

What I’m up to this summer: Working in New Haven

Extracurriculars: Asian American Students Alliance, Yale LGBTQ+ Co-op, Steppin’ Out

Hobbies: Cooking and baking, hiking, painting/drawing

Hi everyone! I’m from a small town in suburban New York. This summer, I’ll be working in New Haven and road-tripping with a friend through the western United States. On campus, I spend my time taking econ and cultural studies classes, moisturizing, and finding new places to nap. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Sreeja Kodali

Sreeja Kodali (Saybrook)

Academic (major): Molecular biophysics & biochemistry (MB&B)

Hometown: Morganville, NJ

What I’m up to this summer: Cancer biology research at the Lemmon lab in the Yale School of Medicine, volunteering at Planned Parenthood, and surviving a New Haven summer without air conditioning

Extracurriculars: Mind Matters, Yale Jashan Bhangra

Hobbies: Dancing, overstaying dinners in Saybrook dining hall, Friends (the show and real people), cheering loudly at friends’ performances

Welcome Class of 2021! I’m thrilled to a be a peer liaison for the AACC, a space that has let me celebrate my Indian-American heritage and cultivate a greater understanding of Asian American identity. My fondest memories at the AACC are the political discussions, collaborating on events on intersectional mental health, dancing with the bhangra team, and, of course, the food events. On campus, my primary devotion has been destigmatizing mental illness and mental health resources as co-president of Mind Matters, Yale’s undergraduate awareness and activism group. I’ve also served on the student advisory committee to Yale Mental Health & Counseling, have led the Yale delegation to the Ivy League Mental Health Conference, and collaborate with clinicians and greater Connecticut organizations to bring together larger mental health projects.

Cindy Nguyen

Cindy Nguyen (Silliman)

Academic (major): MCDB (Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology)

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

What I’m up to this summer: I’m excited to be conducting research at the Yale Child Study Center with the Vaccarino Lab, looking at the altered neurodevelopmental pathway of autistic brains via growing “mini brains” from human induced pluripotent stem cells.

Extracurriculars: Yale Asian American Students Alliance, Yale Undergraduates for UNICEF, Clinical Research Assistant at the Yale School of Medicine Epilepsy Center

Hobbies: eating mochi ice cream (come visit Jake’s Diggity Dogs with me!), watching superhero movies and tv shows (my favorite is CW’s The Flash), taste-testing New Haven restaurants (live love Koon Thai)

Hi, 2021’ers! Welcome, welcome - I’m psyched to get to know you as you make your transition into the intimidating (but only at first) and exciting world of college. Freshman year is exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding, all in one, and I’m really looking forward to serving as a Peer Liaison to support you along the way. A little bit about me: I am Atlanta born and grown, LOVE ice cream, and will be in New Haven doing research this summer (please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re in town - we can capitalize on said love of ice cream/other yummy foods!). Last year, I spent my summer abroad in Beijing, China, participating in intensive language study on generous funding from Yale’s Light Fellowship, and traveling around Taiwan afterwards. So I’m happy to talk to you about language, travels, and all the other opportunities around campus at any point during the year!

Monica Wang

Monica Wang (Trumbull)

Academics: History and Economics

Hometown: Shanghai, China

What I’m up to this summer: In May, I am traveling in Africa (Djibouti and Ethiopia) for a Yale-sponsored research project. Then I’m heading back to the U.S. for an internship in investment banking at Goldman Sachs and will be spending all of my free time eating through New York City :) And last but not least, I’ll be in Shanghai for about two weeks at the end of this summer to spend time with my family. Please reach out if you’ll be in any of these places at the same time!

Extracurriculars: Yale Daily News, Chinese American Students’ Association (CASA), Kappa Kappa Gamma, Yale Program on Financial Stability, Yale Journalism Initiative, Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy.

Hobbies: Traveling, writing long-form, eating good food, and spending time with family and friends. 

Class of 2021—welcome to Yale! I am a rising senior in Trumbull College and am super excited to be a PL for the AACC! I can’t wait to meet all of you on campus very soon. I was born in Hong Kong, raised in Shanghai (my family still lives there), and attended international school in Asia up until high school, when I moved to a small town in California called Carpinteria. So if you ever feel confused about your own identity, let’s chat. At Yale, CASA has been an amazing community for me and one that makes me feel comfortable expressing both sides of myself, Chinese and American. I also do a lot of journalism things on campus, including leading and editing the Yale Daily News Magazine, which publishes long-form reported features. Feel free to ask me anything related to my extracurricular/academic activities. Last summer, I was an editorial intern at Forbes in NYC, and two summers ago, I attended a language program in León, Spain. Food suggestions and travel tips? Send them my way!

Nitya Rayapati

Nitya Rayapati (Benjamin Franklin)

Academic (major): History/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Hometown: Austin, Texas

What I’m up to this summer: Doing biology research at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC

Extracurriculars: Community Health Educators, designer for the Yale Banner, graphic design, Media Tech for STC

Hobbies: watching Shonda Rhimes shows, hiking, trying new food, lying on my couch aimlessly, traveling

Hey! I’m from Austin, which I consider the coolest city ever. I’ve lived there all my life, so being in the northeast for college has been pretty exciting. Academically, I love science but I also love history and the humanities in general. I’m also premed, so do let me know if you have questions about any of that. Last summer I did my language credit via a Yale class in Spain and hung out at home in Texas. This summer I’m working at the American Museum of Natural History and exploring NYC in my free time. On campus, I love being involved with Trumbull (moorah!), the AACC, and in New Haven I teach health/sex-ed weekly in local high schools. I’m super excited to be a peer liaison for another year, and I can’t wait to meet all of y’all!

Emily Chen

Emily Chen (Grace Hopper)

Academic (major): Economics

Hometown: Plymouth, MN 

What I’m up to this summer: Interning at Simon-Kucher & Partners as a consultant. 

Extracurriculars: Taiwanese American Society, Yale Entrepreneurial Society, Yale Undergraduates at Connecticut Hospice, Yale Startup Consulting Group, Student Tech, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance at Yale 

Hobbies: Running, boxing, traveling, sleeping, eating (boba for life). 

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to be a PL next year having been an active member of the Asian American community at Yale through the Taiwanese American Society for the past 3 years. During my time at Yale, I’ve been involved in a variety of groups ranging from hospice volunteering to social impact consulting and Yale’s Entrepreneurial Society. This upcoming year I’ll be serving as the Co-President of the Yale Undergraduates at Connecticut Hospice group. I was once premed and spent my first summer at Yale conducting biology research. Last summer I worked at a start-up/venture capital firm and also started boxing. Can’t wait to meet you Class of 2021! 

Derek Mubiru

Derek Mubiru (Pauli Murray) 

Academic: East Asian Studies

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

What I’m up to this summer: Shadowing and Doing Research at the Med School

Extracurriculars: AACC Student Coordinator of two years, CASPY Co-moderator and CASA board member, UCY Student Deacon, Immunobiology Research at the Med School

Hobbies: Music, Watching & Playing Basketball, 8-ball pool, sneakers, rubbing Piqi’s (my Cat’s) furry belly

Hey class of 2021! I’m Derek, a pre-med junior from San Antonio, Texas. Exciting fact: I’m a soon-to-be member of the first inaugural class of PauliM’ers (Get hype: I’ve already scoped out the digs and I can assure you all that these new colleges are extra fancy.) In my spare time, you can probably cash me in the buttery shooting a game of pool or playing some pick-up basketball at PWG. One of my favorite things about Yale is the many amazing communities that exist here, and the Asian American community especially has given me a sense of home away from home. Personally, I really hope that you all take the freedom to explore and grow during your first year here – ya’ll are in for an adventure! Other than that, talk to me about anything - being multiracial (I’m half Ugandan), spirituality, travel, academics, sports, whatever – I’ve seen a lot, but have hardly seen it all. 

Rita Wang

Rita Wang (Morse)

Academic (major): Philosophy & WGSS

Hometown: Edison, NJ

What I’m up to this summer: studying German in Berlin with the ISA, State Department Internship funded by the Wendy Blanning Fellowship

Extracurriculars: Speaker of the Yale Political Union (Member of the Party of the Left), Outreach Director of Yale Model Congress, EIC of the Yale Philosophy Review, former Political Action Coordinator the Yale Women’s Center

Hobbies: reading, stamp collecting, watching food videos on Youtube, painting

Welcome to Yale, Class of 2021! My name is Rita, and I am a junior in Morse College, hailing proudly from New Jersey. I like to think and talk about what I have thought about, so I am a double major in Philosophy and WGSS. My work focuses on the intersection of power and the production of knowledge through the axises of race, class and gender, and I generally identify as a feminist epistemologist. I am interested in building solidarities across different groups of people, such as linking the movements of sweatshop workers organizing in Asia with graduate students attempting to organize at Yale, as the project of the Left. This summer, I will study German in Berlin, Germany. Last summer, I won the Democracy Fellowship and worked in Auburn, Alabama on campaign finance. Feel free to talk to me about being queer and Asian at Yale, doing Directed Studies, preparing for law school and social justice work, or literally anything else. On campus, my other major extracurricular is the Yale Political Union, where I serve as the Speaker and moderate 200+ people debates. When I’m not at the AACC, you can find me napping in the Yale Women’s Center, debating Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, or organizing to end the Student Income Contribution and to increase faculty diversity.  I am beyond excited to meet you and watch you grow. Looking forward to experiencing what kind of community we build together.

Akielly Hu

Akielly Hu (Berkeley)

Academic (major): Global Affairs

Hometown: Greater Seattle area, WA

What I’m up to this summer: Internship related to environmental and cultural sustainability at Mrigadayavan Palace in Thailand

Extracurriculars: Community Health Educators, research at the School of Public Health

Hobbies: “Running” to East Rock, reading bell hooks, volunteering at the soup kitchen and Planned Parenthood, eating Thai takeout in my suite

Welcome to Yale! I’m Akielly and I love the Pacific Northwest, all things food-related, and R&B. Last summer I studied Japanese language in Tokyo through the Light Fellowship, and last spring break I also had the chance to research sustainability in Indonesia. I’m excited to keep working with Berkeley, which has become my home these past two years. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Rohan Naik

Rohan Naik (Ezra Stiles)

Academic (major): History and Certificate in Human Rights

Hometown: Houston, Texas

What I’m up to this summer: Tracking hate crimes with ProPublica

Extracurriculars: South Asian Society, FOOT (Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trips), Communication and Consent Educators

Hobbies: Traveling, watching sports, hiking, napping, and finding restaurants in New Haven

Hi everyone! Congrats on becoming the Yale Class of 2021! I’m so excited to be a peer liaison at the AACC for a second year in a row. I have so many fond memories of the center, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I’m a History major and pursuing a certificate in Human Rights, and I’m particularly interested in twentieth century American history, constructions of race and ethnicity, and social and protest history. On campus, I’ve organized a South Asian students conference on racial and social justice, facilitated workshops on the intersection of race and sexual assault for the Yale College Dean’s Office, and led backpacking trips with Yale Outdoors and FOOT. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all about Yale. Looking forward to meeting y’all soon!