Reserve equipment

1. Read the Rules

Please review the following conditions regarding the use of AACC equipment:

  • Use of any equipment requires a security deposit with cost varying depending on the item(s).
  • Depending on the equipment reserved, there will be a usage fee. Upon return of the reserved item, the usage fee will be deducted from the deposit we return to you.
  • To use equipment for events requiring additional approval from administrators, we will furnish this approval.
  • Equipment must be returned clean and in good condition. Any damages will be assess by AACC staff and could result in penalty such as deposits being retained by the AACC and limited equipment usage.
  • Equipment should be returned as soon as possible, at most within 48 hours after the end of an event. Failure to return item(s) may cause other groups to be unable to use that item and may result in limited equipment usage.

2. Review the list of reservable equipment (taking note of the security deposit and usage charge)

Reservable Equipment List:

-Portable Amplified Speaker, $100 security deposit, $20 usage charge

-Large Portable Table, $50 security deposit, $10 usage charge

-Small Portable Table, $30 security deposit, $5 usage charge

-Waffle Iron, $50 security deposit, $10 usage charge

-Rice Cooker, $30 security deposit, $5 usage charge

-Bamboo Steamer, $30 security deposit, $5 usage charge

-Food Processor, $30 security deposit, $5 usage charge

-Board Game (Variety), $10 security deposit, $0 usage charge

*Please email our Assistant Director, Sheraz if you have a request to use an item not listed. Sheraz will contact you after you complete this form to coordinate deposit drop off and equipment pick-up.

2. Fill out the Equipment Reservation Form found on OrgSync .
Reservations must be made at least 10 days in advance. For last minute requests, please contact Sheraz.

4. Wait for a staffer to contact you…
You’re not guaranteed a reservation until a staffer contacts you. If you would like to cancel after being confirmed, please notify Sheraz