To request funding

Supporting the events and programs of our affiliate groups and organizations is what makes our community so vibrant and unique year after year. If you would like to apply for AACC funding, please read these instructions carefully and fill out the AACC Funding Application in its entirety.

Deadlines for AACC Funding Application

  • We have decided to provide an additional funding cycle for the Spring 2017 semester! This third funding deadline will be Sunday, April 16. Please email LiLi Johnson at if you have any comments, questions, or concerns!

What to consider before you apply  

  • In order to apply for AACC funding, you must be an affiliate group with the AACC. You can request AACC affiliation by completing this form

  • Submit your funding application as early as possible. We DO NOT accept funding applications for events that have passed. 

  • Most requests will receive a response within 1 week of the review date of initial application with a notification of approval or denial.

How to create a successful application

  • Will your event require participants to pay to attend? Let us know! We have eliminated the $100 maximum cap, though most awards will be within this range.  

  • Have you applied for funding from other Yale sources? These could include UOC, Council of East Asian Studies, Council of Southeast Asian Studies, Council of South Asian Studies, etc. If you have not, you must include an explanation to avoid delay due to inquiry why and/or suggestions of other sources.

  • Did you include an itemized list of your anticipated expenses? The more detailed the better! We want to know that you have thought out the details of where our money is going.

  • A word about paper goods: We do not award extensive funding for paper goods such as cups, plates, plastic cutlery, etc. A limited number can be found in the AACC pantry. 

How to advertise your event 

  • The AACC logo MUST be included and featured as a source of funding in any/all advertising. Our policy requires a 1”x1” image of the logo per normal page for advertisements (including emails) and fit to that scale for larger items. 

What to do after your event 

IMPORTANT: All receipts MUST be itemized and submitted no later than two weeks after the event date.

Starting Monday, March 27, 2017, ALL reimbursements will be processed (drop off and pickup) AT THE AACC at 295 Crown St. You may drop receipts off at the AACC in the mailbox next to Ray’s office and the AACC Storage Closet.

Once approved, reimbursements are the most common (and quickest) form of AACC funding. To receive a timely reimbursement, submit the following documentation to the AACC Reimbursement Mailbox at the AACC (295 Crown St) on the Second Floor next to Ray’s office and the AACC Storage Closet:

  1. Please fill out the Reimbursement Request Form  (copies are also available at the mailbox)
    • Your name and email address on the reimbursement request form MUST MATCH that provided on the application.
  2. Original receipts. Receipts MUST BE ITEMIZED!
  3. Attendance documentation (e.g. sign-up sheets)
After your reimbursement has been processed, you will receive an email notifying you that you can pick up your petty cash voucher. Once you have picked up your voucher and receipts, you can take them to the Treasury Services Office at 2 Whitney Ave, 8:30am - 4pm, M-F. The voucher can be exchanged for cash or check.
Your reimbursement should be processed within two weeks. Please email if you have not received a reimbursement within this time frame.
If your total amount received is greater than or equal to $299, you must go through the check reimbursement process. Pay careful attention to the two sections which ask you to provide your Tax ID Number* and Vendor Number** to avoid delays in check processing.

*You are required to know your Tax ID Number

**If you do not know your Vendor Number, you can apply for a new one via the following links, and submit the forms to SSS110 (address provided above).

Vendor Number Application Instructions

Vendor Number Application Form (W-9)