Peer Liaisons


Welcome to Yale, Class of 2020!

Congratulations on your admission to Yale, and on your decision to matriculate! As you prepare for college, many questions and concerns may start to flood your mind. We’ve all been there – as current students, we realize that the transition to college is both exciting and challenging. Yale is committed to making your first year as smooth and comfortable as possible. We’re here to help with that. We are part of the Peer Liaison (PL) Program for freshmen at Yale. As upperclassmen, we’re available to answer any questions, to chat about campus life and Yale culture, and to help guide you through this transition to college.

You may have already been in touch with your Freshmen Counselor (FroCo), another player in your transition to Yale. Your FroCo is a senior in your residential college who will live near you and offer help when needed. The PLs are an additional resource to whom you can turn to for support. The PL Program provides all incoming students with the opportunity to receive an upperclassmen mentor from one or more of seven cultural and resource centers: Asian American, Latino American, African American, Native American, LGBTQ, the Chaplain’s Office, and the Office of International Students & Scholars.

We were chosen as PLs for our academic record, our understanding of campus culture, our civic engagement, and our relationships with deans and faculty. Our role is flexible – we’d honestly love to hear any questions you have on your mind. Even if we don’t have the answer, we’ll be able to connect you to the resources you need, whether it’s academic assistance, deans’ offices, health services, extracurricular groups at Yale and in New Haven, and more. Throughout the upcoming school year, we’ll be working closely with your FroCo and college dean to make sure you have all the resources you need at your disposal. We work specifically as PLs for the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) at Yale, so we’ll be able to connect you to the AACC house, to cultural groups on campus, and to Dean Saveena Dhall (our Dean and Director of the AACC). However, we’ll also be working with PLs from other centers to host events for you all. So, whether you want to talk about culture or the farthest thing from it, we’re around and we want to be friends with you!

Hopefully this letter makes one thing clear: You should all rest assured that you will have ample resources and support during your transition to Yale. This includes your friendly PLs – we’ll be your mentors, confidants, and friends whenever you need someone to talk to. We come from a variety of backgrounds and we have a variety of interests. We work as a team, so you should feel free to reach out to any of us at any point. Everyone – upperclassmen included – is a little nervous as a new fall term approaches! But it’s also an exhilarating time. Get ready for a wonderful Yale experience, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or just to say hey! We can’t wait to meet you all!
See you in the fall,

Irene Chung

Academic: Political Science & East Asian Studies
HometownAnaheim, CA

SummerInternship at the State Department in DC
Extracurriculars: Women’s Leadership Initiative, tour guide at the Yale Center for British Art, production editor for the Yale Globalist, Yale for North Korean Human Rights, yoga instructor in Branford College
Hobbies: Art, traveling, yoga and running, taste-testing new recipes


Hey 2020! My name is Irene, and I am a senior in Branford College (BFA!). I was born in Los Angeles and have lived in Southern California all my life. I went to an arts magnet high school, and I concentrated in fine art. There is nothing that makes me happier than painting and good design, and I love going to museums and art shows (Come on my tour at the Yale Center for British Art!). Here at Yale, I study international human rights and foreign affairs. I am a Political Science and East Asian Studies double major, and I am really interested in US-China relations. Since my sophomore year, I have been studying Chinese in hopes of one day becoming fluent! Last summer, I studied abroad in Beijing with the generous support of the Light Fellowship. I also went to Seoul to work at an NGO that advocates for Korean reunification. I am super excited to be a PL this year, and I can’t wait to meet all of you! Have wonderful summers, 2020, and see you soon!


Edward Dong

Academics: Literature

Hometown: Saratoga, CA

Summer: Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies in Beijing

Extracurriculars: Ballet Folklórico Mexicano, Yale Queer + Asian, Asian American Cultural Center undergraduate staff, Harvest Pre-Orientation Program

Hobbies: Gardening, taking walks, journaling, drinking tea, cooking, procrastinating through Duolingo

My name is Edward, and I’m a senior in JE College! I study Literature and have spent the last five years fighting the dictates of the Silicon Valley, which I otherwise adore and which I call home. Coming to college from the San Francisco Bay Area has transformed me in countless and unimaginable ways, and I can’t wait to share in some part, however large or small, of your journeys as first-years, Class of 2020!

Throughout my time at Yale, I have worked with the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC) for two years, danced with Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Yale, switched majors four times, written for a number of student publications, eaten some interesting pizzas at the Yale Farm, led a spring break service project in rural China, led a Harvest Pre-Orientation trip, enjoyed prime seating at the Metropolitan Opera House through this thing called Culture Draw (thank you, JE!), gotten a fully-funded ticket to George Takei’s Broadway musical Allegiance, put together an intercultural coffeehouse reading, and fallen (badly) in love, among tons of other experiences. Over the last two summers, I found myself on the Camino de Santiago as one of 14 students in a travel writing program and then in Brooklyn, New York, as an intern at the Asian American Arts Alliance. I’m in Beijing this summer focusing on Chinese language and literature in preparation for further research. In my spare moments, I enjoy cooking and gardening as communal activities and taking long walks as a solitary one. Other loves of my life include oranges and limes, Latin pop (Chayanne! Anyone else like Chayanne?), succulents, the writer Proust, and French art songs. 

Needless to say, I am so excited to spend some time getting to know you through my role as a Peer Liaison and to see what you’ll bring to the many communities at Yale. I’m here to provide guidance to you whenever you might need it and to help you become acquainted with other Yalies as well as the inexhaustible resources that this school has to offer. Feel free to get in touch!

Jessica Liang

Academics: Political Science & Education Studies

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Summer: Asian Studies Intern at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC

Extracurriculars: Asian American Cultural Center, Senior Class Council, Yale Club Badminton

Hobbies: Writing illegible letters, gorging on dark chocolate, going on long walks

Hello! I’m Jessica, a senior in Timothy Dwight College majoring in Political Science and participating in the Education Studies Scholars Program. When I’m not freezing my butt off during the school year, my home is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve worked at the AACC since my freshman year and was Co-Head Coordinator for two years. I have since retired from that post but am so excited to continue my involvement with the Asian American community as a PL! My other campus activities have included being a member of the Senior Class Council and the Provost’s Undergraduate Advisory Committee, an editor for The Yale Historical Review, social chair of the club badminton team, a flyer on the cheerleading squad, and a runway model for Y Fashion House. I’ve spent my summers interning at Lenovo, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and The Heritage Foundation.

Vicky Liu

Academics: Undeclared, potentially French or Ethics, Politics, & Economics

Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

SummerYale-coordinated internship at Leinweber & Zimmermann, OIS Counselor

Extracurriculars: Accent Multilingual Magazine, Canadian Students Association, Pierson Aide, The Yale Record, Yale Model Congress, YTV

Hobbies: Arts and crafts, Harmonic analysis, Fandom, Poetry, Storytelling

Bonjour!  My name is Vicky, and I am a rising sophomore in Pierson College.  I feel lucky to be from the Greater Vancouver area, which has a perfect blend of natural and metropolitan charm.  Even the rain is lovely.  I have a brilliant and adorable little sister who is nine years younger than me, and who is safeguarding my Tamagotchi collection while I am abroad. 

I like to think my freshman year was a survey course on everything.  Academically, I dove into the sheer vastness of the western canon in Directed Studies.  Likewise, I explored many different student groups; feel free to ask me about my experiences in club archery or the Yale Precision Marching Band.  I also worked for the Office of Sustainability as a member of the SSC Energy Squad.  Finally, I found a home on the editing team of the Accent Multilingual Magazine.  I realized my favourite thing was to make people laugh, so I joined Yale’s official humour magazine.  I am super excited to be The Record’s Business Manager next year.  I will be on Board for Yale Model Congress, as well. 

In my free time, I take long walks outside and in the YUAG.  I write cards to my friends.  I debate the merits of postmodern meme culture.  I bask in the warmth of my residential college community.  Class of 2020, I am incredibly excited and honoured to be your PL and to welcome you to Yale.  This is an amazing place.  I know you will flourish here.

Claire Ong

Academics: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (premed)

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

SummerResearch internship at UNLV for cancer treatment, doctor shadowing head of surgery of University Medical Center, math tutor at Mathnasium

Extracurriculars: Yale Daily News, undergraduate research assistant at Katz Lab (Yale School of Medicine), Yale Model United Nations, KASAMA: The Filipino Club, DEMOS, Student Library Advocate at Bass Library, Yale Ambassador

Hobbies: Music (Top 40), Traveling, Languages, Foodie, Downton Abbey, Movies, Art

Hey, guys! I’m Claire, and I am a rising sophomore in Saybrook College (the BEST college, let no one tell you otherwise). I was born in Youngstown, Ohio, and have moved five times. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my parents and two younger brothers. I am a premedical student and am majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.

This year at Yale, I have mostly been involved in the Yale Daily News, where I am a staff reporter. I am also the secretary of KASAMA: The Filipino Club at Yale. As a proud tsinoy (Chinese-Filipino), I love exploring both my Chinese and Filipino heritage through food, language and culture with the AACC and KASAMA. I work as a student library advocate with Bass Library and I do research on cell apoptosis at the Katz Lab at the Yale School of Medicine. Since I am considering becoming an MD/PhD future, research has been a really important part of my year at Yale. I also love volunteering at local elementary schools in New Haven and teaching science and math to the kids.

When I’m not in class or four hour lab, I love watching movies, hanging out with my friends, eating (I have the biggest sweet tooth), napping, and taking Instagram pics. I am so excited and grateful to be a PL, and I cannot wait to meet you all! 

Andi Peng

Academics: Global Affairs & Cognitive Science

Hometown: Solon, OH

Summer: Working at NASA on design and prototyping of the Hyperloop

Extracurriculars: Head TA of CS50, Yale Women’s Club Soccer, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Yale International Relations Association

Hobbies: Watching movies, running, hiking with friends, watching the Cavs dominate in the NBA, watching the Browns get dominated by everyone else in the NFL

A proud Berkeley College student here at Yale, my name is Andi and I am delighted to be a Peer Liaison for the AACC! Here at Yale, I’ve been actively involved with many teaching programs on campus, ranging from CS50 to peace teaching and have had the fortune to be involved with organizations that have allowed me the chance to travel all over the world, from Budapest to Taipei to Tel Aviv. Born in China yet raised in small-town Ohio, I grew up familiar with many different cultures, even though I never quite knew exactly how they should all fit together. I hope that in my last two years here, I get the chance to both help incoming students better discover their own identities as well as explore my own. Looking forward to meeting everyone on campus in the fall!

Mimi Pham

Academics: Economics & History (U.S. track)

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Summer: I’ll be doing a bunch of things in New Haven this summer! I’ll be working for IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services) as part of their Summer Learning Program, working at the Yale Office of Development, working as a Summer Tour Guide, taking a summer course, and studying for the LSAT (maybe)!

Extracurriculars: Co-Chair of the Senior Class Council/Class Day Officer, Class of 2017 Treasurer, Head Morse Aide, Chair of Morse Housing Committee, ViSA (Vietnamese Students Association), Vice President of Communications for the Panhellenic Council, Alpha Phi

Hobbies: Trying new food places, shopping, napping, watching KUWTK/other reality TV, jamming out to FOB/ATL/Ke$ha/all Top 40

Hey Freshmorsels! Welcome to Yale and objectively the best residential college! My name is Mimi and I am a senior in Morse College majoring in Economics and History with a focus on the US. I originally hail from the beautiful Sunshine State, but I’ve grown quite fond of New Haven, as I’m electing to spend my second summer here! In past summers, I have gone home to Tampa, studied abroad at the London School of Economics (LSE), conducted independent research on public education in Vietnam (funded by the Southeast Asia Studies Council and the Morse Richter Fellowship), and this summer I will be doing all of the fun things listed above in New Haven.

Around campus, I am actively involved in Morse life and the Asian American Cultural Center (AACC). I am in a sorority and I will be one of two chairs for the Senior Class Council. I worked for two years at a local middle school in New Haven and have participated in other volunteer groups/opportunities through Dwight Hall. I am beyond excited for the chance to be a Peer Liaison (PL) for Morse through the AACC this year! 

Fun fact about me: I am always 100% down to get food, so hit me up whenever you need someone to ! I’m also here to talk with you about literally anything, whether it be how to check out a library book to how relationships in college work! I’m here for anything and everything and I can’t wait till I meet you all in the fall and get to know you, 2020!

Rohan Naik


Academic: History (Politics & Law track) & Special Academic Program in Human Rights

Hometown: Houston, TX

Summer: I’ll spend the first half of the summer interning at a foreign policy thinktank in D.C. For the second half, I’ll be working for a newspaper in New Haven and interning with a journalist.

Extracurriculars: The Yale Daily News, The New Journal, The South Asian Society, Freshmen Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT), Communication and Consent Educators

Hobbies: Traveling, Reading, Writing. Avid sports fan and napper

Hi there! My name is Rohan, and I’m a junior in Ezra Stiles. I am from the sunny Houston, TX, where I’ve lived my whole life.

On campus, I’m involved with the Yale Daily News, where I write long-form feature pieces. I’m President of the South Asian Society, an undergraduate organization devoted to South Asian affairs. I also write and edit The New Journal, lead Freshmen Outdoor Orientation Trips (FOOT), and have led workshops on sexual consent and misconduct for the Yale College Dean’s Office. I’m a history major, and I’m primarily interested in American political and racial history, as well as the evolution of American foreign policy. I’m also in the Special Academic Program in Human Rights, based in Yale Law School.

In my free time, I love reading unique journalism, exploring New Haven and catching up on sports. On a typical afternoon, you can find me sitting with friends on Cross Campus, trying to balance work, school and friends.

I’m super excited to be a PL this year — Welcome to Yale, Class of 2020!

Shireen Roy

Academic: Undeclared (Psychology)

Hometown: Plano, TX

Summer: Working and spending time at home

Extracurriculars: Research Assistant at the Canine Cognition Center, Humor Writer and Lifestyle Editor for The Boola, on board for the Hindu Students Council

Hobbies: Reading, eating, traveling, hanging out with friends, music, watching TV/movies

Hi, everyone! My name is Shireen Roy, and I’m a sophomore in Davenport College. I was born in Kolkata, India, but spent most of my childhood moving around America before settling in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, where I’ve lived for the past ten years. I live with my mom and my adorable eight year old lab, Caesar.

Here at Yale, I’m a pre-med and tentatively a psych major. I came in thinking I was an English major, so I’ve taken some of those classes as well. Extracurricular wise, I’m a humor writer and lifestyle editor for The Boola, an online publication similar to Buzzfeed. I’m also on the board for the Hindu Students Council and work as a research assistant in the Canine Cognition Center, a comparative psych lab. Over my freshman summer, I plan to spend some time relaxing at home and maybe pick up a few jobs here and there. In my free time, I love reading, traveling, finding new restaurants, scouting out dogs to pet, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and watching trash tv.

Welcome, Class of 2020! I’m so excited to work with you guys as a PL this year. If you have any questions about pre-med, Yale, or life in general, please feel free to talk to me! Can’t wait to meet you all!

Nitya Rayapati

Academics: Undeclared (potentially Ethics, Politics, & Economics)

Hometown: Austin, TX

Summer: Taking a class in Valencia, Spain

Extracurriculars: Graphic design for various groups, Project Homeless Connect, the Roosevelt Institute, Yale International Relations Association, Danceworks

Hobbies: Writing, graphic design, Netflix, eating Chipotle chips & guac

Hey! I’m from Austin, which I consider the coolest city ever. I’ve lived there all my life, so being in the northeast for college has been pretty exciting. I’m not sure what I want  to study– I love science but I also love the humanities. I’m also maybe premed. I did a lot of biology research during high school summers, but this summer I’m doing my language credit via a Yale class in Spain and then traveling Europe for a few weeks. I’m super excited to be a peer liaison next year and can’t wait to meet all of y’all!

Alice Zhang

Academics: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Hometown: Columbus, IN

Summer: Conducting research at NASA

Extracurriculars: Wound healing research, Davenport Pops Orchestra, Greek life, Volunteers Around the World

Hobbies: Running, playing the saxophone, traveling, and food (especially dim sum and bubble tea)

Hi, everyone! My name is Alice Zhang, and I’m a senior in Calhoun College from Columbus, Indiana. Most of my academics have focused on biology (#premed), but I also really love to dabble in other areas like in the English department reading science fiction and French literature. My extracurricular involvement revolves around conducting research in wound healing. I also play the saxophone in the Davenport Pops Orchestra, volunteer with Volunteers Around the World, and am a part of Greek life at Yale. In my spare time, I love to run. Last winter, I ran the Disneyworld marathon with my roommate! I also love to travel and explore new cultures and food. I’m so excited to meet you all and hear about your interests! As a Peer Liaison, I hope that I can serve not only as a mentor but also as a friend. Welcome, Class of 2020!

Anne Zlatow

Academics: East Asian Languages & Literatures (pre-med)

Hometown: Oro Valley, AZ

Summer: Breaking the world record for largest quantity of mangoes consumed in 3 months without suffering jaundice… and Tagalog language study in the Philippines, funded by the Council on Southeast Asia Studies at Yale

Extracurriculars: Co-President of Kasama: The Filipino Club at Yale, Directed Independent Language Study Program (DILS) for Tagalog

Hobbies: Chinese calligraphy, piano/flute

Welcome to Yale, Class of 2020! As a Filipino-American from suburban Arizona, I associate my transition to college with discovering seasons and recovering from jet-lag. However similar your experience may be to mine, I’m here to help you get settled in your first year. 

Most summers I can be found volunteering/interning/beach-going in the Philippines, though last summer I studied abroad as a Light Fellow through Princeton in Beijing. On campus I’ve been involved with Kasama, The Alliance for Southeast Asian Students at Yale (ALSEAS), and MedX. In my spare time, I love watching theater, dance, and musical performances by Yale’s amazing student groups. 

As for my quirks, I’m a pretend vegetarian who will happily go for Popeye’s spicy chicken. So, “vegetarian” or not - let’s have a meal together! I look forward to getting to know you.